August 10, 2014

to do list

I'm on vacation and I'm pretty stoked about it. OK, fine: I'm positively giddy. This is my first break since December where I don't have some assignment hanging over my head and 60 pounds of nursing textbooks in my bags...I have $1 novels from the clearance shelves at Half Price Books.

I still am approaching this break with a sense of purpose and have created this list of things to accomplish. My goal is to feel that that I have appropriately "breaked" if you know what I mean if you can catch what I'm throwing down if we're speaking the same lingo ...yeah.
  • Lay in the sunshine by the lake, if you follow me on IG you knew this one
  • Read a minimum of 5 novels
  • Drink coffee only in the mornings, unless I want it. My point is that I don't need to drink it to stay awake! 
  • Eat Amish crack...twice, but no more. I must set appropriate boundaries. 
  • Spend a day in Olin alone with a picnic lunch and no phone
  • Kayak before 7am
  • Dance until my feet hurt at Christin's wedding 
  • Hug and laugh and catch up with my Lifesign Loves
  • Purchase my textbooks
  • Visit Kate and eat sundaes at DeBrand's
  • Shop at ClothesMentor
  • Walk most nights
  • Watch Star Wars if it's a rainy day
  • Bake a tomato pie
  • Sew Sarah's wedding present [if I finish it before their one year anniversary, I'm not a terrible friend, right?]
  • Eat as much produce as humanly possible
  • Go to dinner with a delightful group of people in Goshen [Goshen, are you my future home?]
  • Cook for my grandparents
  • Wear sunscreen and a swimsuit
  • Bathe in the lake
  • Peruse the countryside, windows down, music up
  • Eat a glazed doughnut from Foltz's 
  • CORN!
  • Edit pictures
  • Read old issues of Food Network Magazine
  • Allow all the melanin that's been hibernating within me it's time to shine
  • Find a place to pick peaches -- stop telling me they're not ready yet! I'm talking to you, every you pick stand I've looked up!
  • Solo adventure to Turkey Run!
  • Bake something [or perhaps I should say "some things"]
  • Blog if I want to and don't if I don't

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