August 6, 2014


I've spent the last ten years trying to look my age...this face basically looks almost exactly like my junior year high school picture. I feel pretty proud when people think I'm in my mid 20s, although most guess I'm in my early 20s. World, I am 31. I've tried to attain some aging wrinkles: I'm in the sun! I laugh a lot! I have willed my face to look older and wiser.



I guess it's good skin genes. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

For the record in that second grade picture I'm wearing a jumpsuit made of corduroy. My mom must have really loved outfits that were all one piece because I remember wearing a lot of them. In fourth grade, I'm pretty sure that's another awesome one piece thing. Coulottes? I can't remember for sure.

Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade

If I could go back in time the one thing I would teach my younger self is to use conditioner and brush my hair. Oh geeze...that fourth grade hair. The bangs were also a really good choice with the curls. My scalp was super-sensitive and I hated to brush my hair because of all the tangles I had from my curls. If I remember accurately, in fifth grade I basically quit brushing my hair below the very top layer and I once put it in a topsy-tail [but without the actual TopsyTail (R)] and built up a HUGE dreadlock at the nape of my neck. That might be why my sixth grade hair is the length it is...nothing can explain why it's so pyramidal.


I was dying to have glasses in fifth and sixth grades. The summer before seventh grade my vision finally failed me! Answered prayers! [It was inevitable since both my parents wear glasses.] I chose the tortoise-shell colored metal frames and rocked those glasses for a year...then I got contacts for volleyball in eighth grade. Obviously I really, really, really wanted to wear glasses.

ninth tenth eleventh
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior...and you've seen my senior picture from Judging Amy.

I finally got veneers on my teeth the summer before high school and discovered layers, hair gel, and mousse. What miraculous products!

Those are my school pictures! Hooray for public school pictures to record all those awkward years where I was attempting to figure out my hair and style. (-:

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