August 13, 2014

check that off the list

OK. I did it.

I just hit play on SW. I can't decide if I want to write a stream of consciousness or not, so I'll start with yes and see where it leads. It's 10:09am and I have my coffee, a whole wheat english muffin with crunchy peanut butter and bananas next to me. Outside it's thundering and raining.

From here below there will be no editing, this is straight stream of consciousness.

why are the words at this bizarre angle?
i'm pretty sure i saw the spoof movie where they did this and i didn't get it.


silent runners. weird.

and a trashcan robot that communicates via beeps. [I knew about that one, but i can't remember his name.]

darth vader. "vader in german means father."

I'm curious. are these bad guys humans with masks or do they just look like that? I mean, I know they're actors in masks and plastic suits, but in the movie are they supposed to be humans in masks and plastic suits? does Darth Vader ever take off the mask? how did the sex thing happen with Luke's father?

I can't decide if there's a man inside the gold robot thing or not? His head is so small...

This is literally like a little boy's fantasy with all the made up talk and everything. hilarious. The glowy-eyed little guys dressed like Franciscan monks just showed up.

I thought Harrison Ford was Luke...but apparently not. Luke is so whiney!

"Help me Obeonekanobi, you're my only hope."


Introduction of the light saber.
Definition of "the force." So new age-y. 

"Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerers ways Darth Vader..." His face. OH MY GOSH.

I think that face means Luke is pissed and he wants some revenge.

Harrison Ford! Han Solo. Presh, but carries the same arrogance he does as a man.

Dat jump to light speed. Woah.

The accents of all these confusing.

They are in garbage that only contains metal and water and they're complaining about the smell. WEIRD.
OK, I stopped typing because I was having a difficult time paying attention. I didn't love this movie. I'm sorry. Do I need help? People never say "Star Wars? Meh." They just start telling jokes and talking trivia and I'm all  -__-  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?

May the force be with you...and also with you. [That's how my mind works.]


  1. I watched all of them in the order that they were released which was very confusing since the storyline is in a different order. But must be a mostly man thing as Darren enjoyed every minute.

    1. YOU'VE SEEN ALL SIX?? how?

      I think it must be a sign of true love.

  2. I'll say it, Star Wars...meh. And another meh for good measure.

    1. exactly.

      i don't understand.