August 28, 2014

ten things

1. I started back to school this week. The first week isn't usually too terrible except for the whole did-I-show-up-to-where-I-was-supposed-to-be-at-the-right-time part of the equation. My love for school supplies runs deep, but I pretty much have all I need (and then some). I did splurge on some new writing utensils because I couldn't help myself.

2. My vacation was brilliant. BRILLIANT! I crossed just about everything off my list. Amongst other things, I spent an entire day with these two gems [and the dog].
bow down, humans. 

After about a week after classes were out I looked in the mirror and I recognized myself! It's amazing what a little sunshine, rest, and alone time can do for a lady.

3. I'm having heartbreak over all the things happening in our world. We need some peace, friends.

4. When I was at Target the other day I found a Mr. Coffee on the clearance shelf for $11.29. I've been fighting the Keurig convenience for years because I like a stronger cup of coffee and I can't convince myself that the waste is worth it. I probably spent $11.29 a week on plain, black coffee. A WEEK. So, I wedged that box into my basket telling myself that I'll get a reusable K-cup. [Does anyone have one they really, really like?] Then I found Copper Moon InstaKups in a 36 count box on clearance at Kroger for $5. I figure that will last me until I get my reusable cup and the Copper Moon cups have just a small ring of plastic with a coffee filter at the bottom. AND the coffee is remarkably tasty. AND it's an Indiana company. So I feel less guilty [or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that] until I get my reusable cup.

5. Today my neighbor called me "sweetheart." As in, "How are you sweetheart?" Me.

6. On an outing Monday with friends to get pedicures [and snuggle this little bean] we drove by Mug n' Bun. It's apparently an Indianapolis thing, so I insisted we pull over and get root beer. [Do you say "r-ew-t beer" or "r-uh-t beer"? I say r-ew-t.] A large comes in a commermorative cup, so how could I say no?
It's like root beer and cream soda got together and had a love child that I slurped up through a straw. How's that for some imagery?

7. I turned my air conditioning on this week. You can only have so much willpower in the face of something of non-importance when your body is coated in sweat.

8. My parents got iPhones. Watch out facebook, my father has 24/7 access.

9. Fine. I'm ready for fall and colorful trees and boots and pumpkin flavored everything. #confession

10. Pentatonix has a new album coming out September 23rd. I'm so excited that I pre-ordered it. Do you want a copy too? Leave a comment and I'll randomly choose someone to get it through iTunes. You could tell me one of the following:
     a) hi
     b) what reusable k-cup you use [I'm sure they're not technically all called "k-cups" since that's a brand name, but you know what I mean.]
     c) your life story
     d) a blog you can't stop reading
     e) your favorite snack
     f) how you pronounce root beer
Yo. Bea. I'm sending you some music. eep!



  1. I probably have a reuseable cup you can have oh and hi

    1. that would be awesome, Jess! HI!!! I was just thinking about you this week...I'd touch base but I keep telling myself I'll edit the hundreds of pictures I have for you before we communicate again so I don't have to live with all my guilt. soon though! (-;

  2. My favorite snack is cereal! All the cereal at once basically. - Emma

    1. Emma! There are some yummy cereals out there...I force myself to only get the ones with at least 9 grams of fiber and little to no sugar so they're not very exciting. )-: If not for my head telling me to eat healthy cereal, I'd be all over some Lucky Charms and Reese's!

  3. Your post & photos made my day. Thank you!