May 8, 2014

ack! [changing my web address]

I am in the midst of finals. I actually just took one and turned it in about 17 minutes ago, but who's counting? My final final is tomorrow and I'm giving myself 30 minutes to gather my wits before I bust out all the papers that will go along with studying for that bad boy.
This is a selfie from around 10pm on Monday, I'm the one with papers strewn all about me.

Anyway, during all this getting ready for the end of the academic semester stuff and all the other life things that are happening, my domain registration expired. I'm no expert, but typically I'm decent at figuring out computer stuff and I've taught myself enough to juuuuuuust get by with this little blog. Kudos to the professionals to can keep up with everything. High fives, y'all.

Did you see the part where I said I wasn't an expert? 

They changed the registration/domain stuff through google and I got mad-confused and spent hours [holla at me procrastination!] trying to figure out what to do. I signed up for a different webhost which would switch me over to a WordPress site.

Then I realized that
a) the new host cost $83 a year,
b) I don't actually make any money for blogging because I do it because I like it, and
d) I don't want to take the time to learn part c when I'm busy learning things about renal function. Priorities.

I cancelled the new host information/payment [hallelujah for refunds] and explored google a little more. Now, from what I can figure out [and I'm no expert], it looks like google will cost me $50 a year PLUS the money to the domain registration host [which seems to be anywhere from ~$12-90].
Untitled Untitled
Do Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream and iced coffee count as coping mechanisms? Healthy ones? 

In years past this was an easy payment of $10 where I clicked a "renew" button.

I can't handle complicated right now, blog friends. In the rest of my life, in my relationships, or in school I'd suck it up and figure it out. In blog world...nope.

All those words to say that I'm switching back to the (dot)blogspot(dot)com.

So, I'm updating everything to be and I hope it's not too terrible for you to figure out how to stick around [if you want to stick around]. I'm working on the bloglovin' stuff and facebook connections, so hopefully within the next week or so the kinks will be worked out.
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I spent all day yesterday outside in the sunshine. IT WAS GLORIOUS. These furry friends kept me company.

If you're smarter than I am about this stuff, wanna be BFF and do it for me? I'll purchase you a half-price frappuccino. (-:


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