May 11, 2014

ten things

1. I'm on my break from school! eeeeeeeeeeeeee! My break is consisting of: work, filling out my private loan paperwork, kissing my grandma for Mother's Day [Kansas was too far away for kisses to my mother], visiting with friends, giving a couple of massages, and going back home to do some more working before classes start on Wednesday. Best break ever? Probably not. Am I crazy-happy to have had a few days where I didn't have to think about school? YES. YES. YES.

2. I'm listening to this: This American Life | Death and Taxes
Act one is the "Death" portion and they speak to nurses giving hospice care. How little I know [and am comfortable with] surrounding death.

3. You might not know this about me, but I basically only drink coffee and water. Sometimes there's milk in my coffee, but for the most part I've transitioned to black [and when I'm needy I get half a Sweet-n-low in there] coffee. Lately though? I can't get enough of sparkling flavored mineral water. It's not sweet at all and in the citrus flavors? GAH. SO GOOD.

4. I'm watching The Blind Side on ABC Family right now. Why do all the commercial previews for other shows involve so much sex and shows based on sex? WHYYYYYY? I thought ABC Family was more family oriented and less casual sexual relationship oriented? Am I delusional?

5. I can't stop listening to the Delta Rae album Carry the Fire. Shoot, Jessica. More proof that my friends know my ears so well. (-:

6. I hate to be terribly superficial, but I am. I'm having hair problems. I have reverted back to my 14-year-old self where I didn't have any clue about what to do with my curls. I literally spent a 2 hour drive thinking to myself "I hate my hair. I hate my hair. I hate my hair." Probably not the most positive thoughts ever.

7. Today I had a good hair day.
image image
Hal-le-freaking-lujah. I'm still getting it cut - and by someone new.

8. I'm thinking of doing a Manly Monday series around here. Not that I'd be talking about "manly" things [whatever the heck that means], but where I'd talk about me and men and relationships and that kind of thing. I suck at series, but I've started so many posts in this area and I can't get anything finished because I have so many different topics running through my head. Perhaps if I give myself the space to write several it will be better/easier/purposeful?

It sounds so structured...we'll see what reality brings us.

9.Dear people who knew me in college when I wore sweats daily,
I wore running shorts and a hoodie to class on Friday. It was the first time I've worn athletic apparel to class. At least three people commented, but I'm pretty sure I get a pass since I woke up at 4:30am. I need a new hat though. I'm basically a grown-up now...or at least someone who tries to look cute.

10. I can't stop thinking about these words:
These were part of the Love Feast I went to the Thursday before Easter taking about Jesus. How could I not want to live like that?


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