November 9, 2017

coffee creamer

Remember when blogging was just writing about your life? People actually keeping mostly a journal of thoughts and happenings and maybe their friends read it once in a blue moon?

[If you don't remember please feel free to visit the archives located at the bottom of the page. ]

Then it became this super polished, page-view driven, ad clicks content that is shiny and flawless. AND CONSTANT. So, I sometimes feel intimidated, but I'm going to get over it, suck it up, and talk about whatever gets my fingers typing. Today I'm going to talk about coffee creamer. Because I'm totally relevant.

I woke up early this morning, [night shift problems, when I'm off and I let myself sleep whenever I want to I wake up at bizzare hours -- hello 4:36am] made coffee, and sat down to eat a pumpkin muffin.
A few years ago I taught myself to drink black coffee. If you knew 2010 Amy, you know that lady liked her coffee about 50% sugar + milk. I slowly weaned myself off the coffee sugar, and I've been 100% black coffee only for the past 5 years. I'm not saying that I weaned myself off of any other sugars because Baked Goods are Life.

Lately though? I WANT ALL THE HAZELNUT FLAVORED CREAMER. Why? Why hazelnut? What is this bizarre craving my tongue apparently desires more than distinguishing between the flavor compounds of a deliciously roasted bean?

I don't know.

I'm just rolling with it.

My very most favorite creamer in all the lands is incredibly hard to find. If I told you that I have gone to multiple grocery/big box/amazon stores to find it would you judge me? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD. If you ever see the Califa Farms Hazelnut coffee creamer, do your girl [me] a solid and pick up 5. I'll venmo you.

Today I'm having some generic organic Kroger creamer. I'm not sad. It goes perfectly with my cream cheese filled pumpkin muffin full of all the warm spices my fall heart desires.
What are you drinking? What bizarre cravings are you having? WHERE DO YOU FIND THE CALIFA FARMS CREAMER IN A STORE?

If you want to make these pumpkin muffins [I've made them like this at least 5 times and they're soooooo good] take this pumpkin cream cheese muffin recipe and stop before you put the topping on; then make the topping from these pumpkin muffins and double it because baked good crunchy muffin topping is EVERYTHING.