March 14, 2017

front porch - update

An update on the cutest front porch I've ever had.

It's also the only one I've ever had, but details.
A blank canvas.
Our nights in Indiana have still been cold, so my plants get a personal trip in and out when it's warm enough for them to have a little sunshine. The other night I was out and rushed home because I was worried about them getting too cold. I think I've crossed over into the crazy plant lady realm. 
I have a few more details to add and finish, but I'm excited about the progress so far! 

A quick craft project! I made myself this little entry rug out of the SINDAL at IKEA ($4.99), a little acrylic paint, and a dab of fabric medium. I just free-hand painted in the corner and let it dry.

March 12, 2017

roasted root veggies with goat cheese

root veg
One of my favorite compliments I've ever gotten was:
Well, you made it, so I tried it! This is yummy! What's in it?
root veg
Then I go on to list an assortment of root vegetables that many people have never tried topped with goat cheese which apparently sounds a little sketchy, but it comes together in a way that is tasty and warm and filling.
root veg
Sweet potatoes: everyone's had these before, right? Usually at Thanksgiving and sickly sweet, topped with marshmallows. [not my fave] I love the natural sweetness of the sweet potato with the subtle spice of a little red pepper. You can even find them in a variety of colors. Rutabaga: it looks like a large round dirt ball at the grocery. YUM. Just try it! Turnip: this always reminds me of a giant least in looks. Parsnip: this looks like a white carrot at the grocery store. The textures of all the different vegetables is delightful.

Of course, when asked for the recipe I basically just shrugged and said "roast some veggies and top it with goat cheese." BOOM. Done.

Apparently that wasn't detailed enough, so I attempted to measure things. Feel free to use this as a jumping of place and to just dice and drizzle and sprinkle the ingredients. Then roast them off in a hot oven. Dump them in a 9x13 pan. Sprinkle the roasted veggies with goat cheese and pop it back into the oven until it browns a bit.

If you want more details, they're below. (-:
root veg
root veg
Gratuitous picture because I love my Pyrex.

root veg
root veg
root veg
At this point, wash your hands well and toss everything until all the pieces of veggies are coated in the seasonings. Then spread them on a couple of sheet pans so they have enough room to breathe. If you overcrowd any veggie you're trying to roast, they end up steaming rather than roasting. You can get color on them, but it takes so much longer.
root veg
root veg
Sweet delicious roasted root vegetables. Get in mah belly.
root veg
root veg
Roasted Root Vegetables with Goat Cheese
Preheat your oven to 425*

-Sweet Potatoes
-1 medium Onion
You can really use any root veggie you want, I recommend peeling and dicing them up into small enough pieces that you can get 2-3 on a fork at a time. The melding of flavors will make you happy. Promise.

-1/3 cup Olive Oil
-3 tsp Salt
-1 tsp Pepper
-1 tsp Garlic Powder
-1 tsp Onion Powder
-1 tsp Cumin
-1/4 tsp Ground Red Pepper (optional)
In another container, combine the above. My normal roasting method is to spread the veggies on my sheet pan and then drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle on the seasonings, and toss them directly on the pan to coat them. Either method will work!

-Goat Cheese! (either crumbles or a log)
In your preheated oven, place the pans in to start the roasting process. After 10-15 minutes give them a stir. In another 15-20 minutes your veggies should be tender to a fork with some beautiful golden edges. At this point dump them in a 9x13 pan and top it with a container of goat cheese (or a crumbled log). Place the 9x13 back in the oven under the broiler and keep a close eye until the goat cheese starts to turn brown.
root veg

I recently started a compost pile because I make so much compostable trash. Does anyone compost? Tips? Tricks?
root veg

March 10, 2017

ten things

This is the [mostly] clothing and make-up version of my ten things on the tenth. (-:

one. Lane Bryant leggings
I'm obsessed with my LB leggings. Here's why they top my list: they're thick enough to wear as pants; they're high waisted - they come up almost to my bra making me feel like everything is on lockdown; and nothing is sheer on these babies. If you're not in the size 14-28 range, I'm sorry.

two. LuLaRoe
I'm drinking the koolaid and it tastes good.

My cousin started selling LuLaRoe and I can't get enough. I'm picky about my patterns because some are beautiful and lovely and some are definitely not for me. Patterns have never scared me, and I'm always partial to a good floral. I've got a couple of Irmas, a Carly [still iffy on the fit of this one], and  a pair of leggings [BLACK and buttery, but I prefer my LB ones to my LLR ones because of the whole lock-and-load things mentioned above]. Bottom row for my faves: the Nicole dress, a Madison, and a Perfect T. I'd love an Ana and maybe a Sarah.
If you want to take a peek my cousin, Liz posts to her FB page on Friday nights. Although my favorite is when she does a live unboxing; it's like I get a sneak peek before everyone else.

three. emilynoel83
Someone recommended Emily to me awhile back and I've been obsessively watching her YouTube channel. I've watched A LOT of different beauty YouTube channels and Emily is a such a good balance of drug store makeup and specialty brand makeup. She's super down to earth. She often says that because she knows her reviews mean people will be spending $$ she's very conscious about recommending things.

Several of the products below were recommended by Emily and I'm totally smitten with them all.

four-five-six. Mascara
I had this pile o' mascara in my bathroom and I'm done with it. I can never remember which ones I actually LIKE, so I went through every one to see how they lasted for a 12 hour shift at work.

seven. Makeup Revolution
I decided I was going to get rid of every other eye shadow when I snagged this baby at ULTA. It's SO PRETTY. And it's cheap [SEVEN dollars] for the pallet.

I have the Iconic 1 pallet [I've been lusting after the Naked pallets for years, but I can't convince myself to spend the money] and it's SO PRETTY.
Did I mention how pretty it is?

eight. Milani Eyeshadow Primer
OMGoodness. This has changed my game. I put a touch of this on each eyelid before I put the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow. It keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and it helps it last. I can finish a sweaty shift at work and I the eyeshadow is where it started! Amazeballs.

nine. Great British Bake Off
Netflix added two more seasons! One I've seen [I forgot about my crush on Tamal 😍😍😍] and one was new to me. The season numbers are all wonky because they're different in the countries and on Netflix. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GBBO and I'm so sad they won't be back the way they've been.

ten. pillows
I made my pillows for the front porch out of napkins and they just make the space for me! When I tell you this is an easy-peasy project, I'm not exaggerating. In about 10 minutes you can go from 2 napkins and a pillow form to a completed pillow.
Cost breakdown: napkins 8/$10, pillow forms $2.99/each = 4 pillows for just under $22

Have you been pillow shopping lately? This is a bargain!