March 1, 2015

10 things

1. The soundtrack to this post is the Swifty's 1989. I'm obsessed...not that the album has anything to do with anything, but you know... it's on repeat. This Love [if the song was out, I'd link it, but you'll have to look up the illegal versions on the internet-do eeeeeet.]

2. Parks and Recreation: Why haven't I been watching this all along? The sound of my laughter is ridiculous. Plus it's set in Indiana? AMAZEBALLS. Also, Chris Pratt = adorbs. Also, waffles.
kansas sunset
kansas sunset
3. After Tuesday I'm basically done with school-ish stuff. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA????? The rest of it is important, but more fun than classroom school.
kansas sunset
4. Apps I'm LOVING on my phone:
    -figure 1 [for medical professionals if you like kind of gross medical stuff]
    -PopKey [you can text GIFs - it's so beautiful]
    -Timehop [I was so late to this one]
    -Snap Collage

5. That fun stuff I was mentioning in #3 was my capstone experience. Think of it like student teaching. I'm totally excited. And terrified. And excited.  I get a little sweaty just thinking about it.
kansas sunset
6. Spring break is coming in 2 weeks - I'm headed to Kansas.

7. I'm hoping my mom lets me clean out their closet. I find bizarre enjoyment in organization. Can you think of a more exciting spring break? No. No, you can't.

8. My plan is to send a life update to my people [you're my people, yo] in May/June sometime. It'll be like a Christmas card, but...not. If I need your address add it over here on my Google survey please.
kansas moonrise
look at that moon! 
9. I can't wait until the sidewalks are clear and I can move around outside more than I have been lately. I feel like a lump. The lack of movement and the amount of brownies I ate today both contribute to my lumpiness.
kansas sunset
10. I love this picture. I might even print it and frame it.

February 15, 2015

sassy pants

One of the last-semester of nursing school [it's my LAST SEMESTER, Y'ALL!] tasks is a picture. You've seen the picture collages composites for nursing students? I googled it for you:
Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 5.12.31 PM
Anyway, we do that.

The company that does ours has all the women wear a black drape and pearls and the men wear a shirt and tie. If you know me even a little, you know I got my panties in a wad about this. As WOMEN in the PROFESSION of nursing we're wearing a black drape? You may typically recognize this outfit from sorority pictures. I have nothing against sororities, but nursing is NOT a sorority. [I feel very emphatic, hence all my capital letters.]

So, as a kick-off into this professional activity in the picture I will use for my license verification online your expectation is for me to wear a piece of fabric that sits on the very edge of my shoulders--almost ready to fall off--and a string of pearls around my neck? I'm not a super-conservative dresser. I don't have a need to cover my body from my manubrium [that's the bone just below the hollow at the base of your neck] to my toes.

BUT, but, this just feels so sexualized when I want the profession I'm joining to be, well, professional. Respected. Important. Valued.

So I wore my drape nearly to my manubrium. Basically as high as possible.
"That's supposed to be at the edges of your shoulders."
"Yeah, I'm not going to do that."
"But you'll look different than everyone else."
". . ." *sigh* [I'm sorry I'm making your job more difficult, Photographer. It's not about you.]
Definitely my better angle, amiright?

Obviously I still needed to be a part of the composite AND I needed to document publicly my disagreement to the standard of dress.

Later in the day I called my mom and I'm telling her all about how I stood up for my profession! I was a woman with standards!

And you know what she said to me?

"Amy. Can't you just do what you're asked for once?"

That's what the woman who raised me said. Like she hasn't known since I was two.

Sassy pants: all day every day.

December 2, 2014

stuff in my stocking

Don't worry, Mom, I'm doing all the hard work for you! (-:

My mom and I have this holiday tradition: She gets busy with school stuff in November and December. Then when I get home around December 23, we spend 24 hours shopping like crazy people (because I've traveled home and obviously we have to spend time together) and then I know all the presents I get and she's annoyed because I know all the presents I'm going to get. It's been happening for, oh...about 10 years, so it's our thing now, right?

I'm making a list to fill up my stocking! HEY-O! I tried to keep everything around $10 and under, but a few items go over that threshold.
I walked around for 30 minutes with these slippers in Kohl's last week (good thing I didn't get it since they're now $8.99 and last week they were $14.99!) trying to decide who needed these before realizing that basically I wanted them. The Lambs are pretty cute too. 

HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?? I love every sweet thing topped with a sprinkle of salt and this is a chunky, lightly crunchy delicious salt that also looks pretty. *sigh* 

Pam Garrison made this adorable embroidery pattern. This would be a great project to sit next to my chair when I have time to embroider!

Three ingredients: peanuts, dates, sea salt. I'm obsessed. I can't stop eating these bars. Never pay more than $1 per bar, and if you find them at $0.75 or less BUY THEM ALL. 

EIGHT DOLLARS FOR SOCKS? Worth every penny. I have one pair of these and I love them. They're so warm and cozy and amazing on my feet. I need more. 

I picked up a container of these a few weeks ago and they are little baby Almond Joy's, but even better. Seriously. I have strong feelings about this. If you don't have a TJ's nearby and you need - NEED - to try them, let me know. 

In other news, Emily McDowell knows the things I think in my brain. 

We always get some dental hygiene products in our stockings...OK, it's usually a toothbrush, but since I'm hoping for this one, I'll take some toothpaste! You know how some natural toothpastes kind of make your mouth feel...meh? Not this one. It's the champion of natural toothpaste in my book.

[If you're not asking yourself why I have a book of natural toothpaste options, you're not being as good of a friend to me as you could be.]

nerdwax, $10 (or 3/$20)
Y'all. THIS. My friend teacher-Sarah was complaining about how she doesn't wear her glasses because they slide down her nose and searched the interwebs to make this discovery. It is BRILLIANT. I've just been suffering with the fingerprints from pushing my glasses up and I don't actually have to! WHAAAAAAA?!? She bought the 3 tubes and gifted me one: I'm a smitten kitten. 

Belle, $16.95
I rented this at the redbox a few weeks ago and I adored this story. If you haven't seen it [the only person I know who's watched it is my grandma who got it because I told her she'd love it], spend the $1.20 renting it and let me know what you think! 

Those are ten things I'd love to pull out of my stocking on Christmas morning! What did I miss that you can't wait to see?