May 29, 2014

my little space

It wouldn't be my life without an address change every 1-2 years. (-:

I have a new address! [that's the official announcement]

A week and a half ago I packed up all my boxes and Sarah and Peter helped me load them up and move them to the new place. I live waaaaaaaaay closer to downtown-ish which makes me closer to campus and the hospitals which is awesome.
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I'm crazy, insanely, immensely grateful for S&P's help because the one trip we were able to take would have been at least 3-4 on my own. The first thing I unpacked were my textbooks of course. 
DSC_0923 DSC_0930 DSC_0926
Now that's it been about 10 days, I'm getting settled in. This is the kitchen. You may notice that there's not a stove...or a sink...or a full-size refrigerator. I procured a toaster oven and a hot-plate-cooking thing yesterday [thanks, V!]. I have more than I need!
I'm still looking for a little chair to put in the area where those pillows are sitting. I'll find something eventually, but for now I'm being patient. My little space is in an old attic, so the ceilings are sloped [read: I hit my head ALL THE TIME] but the space behind the bed was perfect for my massage table and linens.
The bathroom is where my dishes get washed. See? I have plenty.

So, that's the quick tour of my new, quirky, small space where I'm taking up residence. I love it!

sidenote: I drive by Lucas Oil and close to Bankers Life daily when I go to campus.

Yesterday I saw a young man covered in tattoos driving a Porche. Do you think he was a professional athlete? I do this thing where I don't look at people when I'm at stoplights because it can be weird, so I didn't look at his face. Not that I would know who he was from his face.

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