December 8, 2013

butter, sugar, and chocolate

Sometimes there are no words.

Sadness comes in and snatches up your real life and takes to to a place you didn't want to go. Last week was a crappy times 1000 week for one my good friends.
I didn't make this, I found it on Pinterest, but the link is broken. 
We spent a lot of time texting throughout the week. I offered to come and spend the weekend with her. She wasn't sure, so I told her to let me know. Then I got a text, " wanna bake this weekend?"

"I'd love to."

And bake we did.

Cookies of the chocolate chip variety.
Cookies of the turtle variety, except we simplified by stirring it all together.
Cookies of the sugar variety.
Cookies of the chocolate mint variety.
And Peanut Clusters.
Untitled Untitled
We watched the original Sound of Music starring Dame Julie Andrews while we dropped our peanut clusters.
We watched Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

Then we made snow angels for two hours, went ice skating and ate a whole roll of Toll House cookie dough before we snuggled...or we watched Elf while I anal retentively meticulously sorted m&m's and decorated sugar cookies.
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
This weekend her sorrow was covered in the smell of butter, sugar, and chocolate.

I wanted to provide distraction for her racing thoughts and to be there to talk about the sadness when she wanted to. I keep thinking about this article from the LA Times called How not to say the wrong thing. If you haven't read it, take five minutes and do so. We all know someone who's going to have some crap come into his or her life and we're not going to know what to say or do. I sure as heck don't know 99.9999% of the time. [The 0.0001% is when I come up with some gem, but it's probably not something I actually came up with those are words from Above.] Even if you don't have words, this article gives you a good place to start in how to think before verbal diarrhea comes out your mouth.

This weekend I went with listening, movies, and baking.



  1. Amy that's awesome! There should be more people like you!

    1. just trying to do my best to love people well...somedays I'm better at it than others. (-: