January 31, 2013

Rocking My World

-->Yellow tomatoes.

-->I can text on my computer...ok I can iMessage, but it's like magic. I like it.

-->Instagram is my favorite social networking. If you have a smart phone and you're not on IG you are not fully living! And we should be friends.
number 1100 seemed significant enough for a collage. #procrastinator
This is my 1,100th photo. Maybe you don't want to be friends...I may fill your feed. (-:

-->Afterglow. I need another photo app like I need another hole in my head...wait I have 5 extras...and this one costs $0.99, but I LOVE IT!
And the Ash filter? Swoon. We should probably not talk about how much I love this cat. 

-->StayFocused on Google Chrome. This is free, you can choose what websites to block or give yourself a limited time frame on. For those of us with self-control problems it enables us to hand the responsibility over. What? I just spent 2 hours on pinterest and facebook? I swear it was only 5 minutes...exactly.

-->My niece who I will meet in 8 days. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of newborn photos.

-->Peanut butter, cinnamon, bananas, and chia seeds. Either on toast or oatmeal. The chia seeds keep me full for hours.

-->Starbucks skinny latte with half sugar-free cinnamon dolce and half sugar-free vanilla. Do it. I don't know how to order it, but the lady at the register was awesome and made it for me and broke Starbies protocol and DIDN'T CORRECT ME which I LOVE. One of my least favorite Starbucks requirements is that they always correct people. It's annoying.

-->This blog: I BELIEVE IN STRANGERS. If you're a recipient of the kindness of a stranger, you should share your story.

-->Random oil blend I picked up at Whole Foods.

-->Things I learned in microbiology [this is gross]: most of the solids in our feces is bacteria. Try to poop without thinking of that now because I can't.

-->I got a haircut at Aveda this week. It took 2 hours and I don't think she took enough off, but this is how long it is right now:
if there's an Aveda school in your area it's a pampering [affordable] good time.

What's rocking your world? 

love you people.

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