February 11, 2013

my computer is broken

I'm an avid, unapologetic, pro-Apple person.

They are stupidly expensive though. 

And mine has been broken by the word's most expensive cup of french-pressed coffee to aid me in being awake and alert and caffeinated for an exam. I don't know that the benefits of the coffee outweigh the cost of the computer...


For now, I'm sans computer and grateful for [freezing, is that the AC?] computer labs in the library to blog and listen to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Pandora station and sometimes study. Otherwise I'd be in my car headed to Target for some shopping. And we all know you can't leave Target without spending at least $50. 

Now if my phone's last 2% of battery life will assit me in getting some pictures to flickr, so I can share them with you all will be good. 

I live on the edge people. 

You may remember me telling you that I have a new niece. I HAVE A NEW NIECE! Yay! We met this weekend and instantly fell in love. This is what happens when you are an aunt. Your heart gets big enough to fall in love with every niece and nephew put in your path. 

It's not even hard. 

I did take some "official" pictures, but as I said before...broken computer. Now I shall show you unofficial, iPhone pictures of people I love. 
Untitled Untitled
I made that cupcake hat. No big. When Mom was visiting last week the nephew gave her his RSV. Now my brother insists upon our hand-washing and her face mask.
totally my favorite picture of Dad and Brody
Brody isn't talking on any kind of regular basis yet, but he said "yook!" and pulled out Tangled, so we watched it. He loves the music, so my desire for theatre bound nieces and nephews is still strong. He dribbles the basketball and shoots it between musical numbers.
Untitled Untitled
And I established myself as the "cool aunt" by singing Diva to The Niece while she wore this bib. Someone has to establish Beyonce's awesomeness in her life. Appropriate?
I've never used an iPad *gasp* but this 18-month-old is definitely more proficient at it than I would be.
Oh, my loins. 

Yup, just said it. Just wait until Valentine's day. 

love you people. 


  1. yeah. I'm ready to give my sister a niece... but she's gonna have to wait a bit longer. Great photos, even if not "official." Praying the best for you as you continue to study, and figure out new devices (to purchase, and learn).

    Hugs from NC, dear Amy.

    1. oh, you and John will have some great bambinos Kathy! thank you!