January 24, 2013

Pitch Perfect

I have a problem.

I'm obsessed with this movie.
Obsessed in the way where I think I could be in it. In this fantasy I'm not in a movie...it's real life. I blame the combination of over-active imagination, long-distance driving, and a love for a cappella. In my fantasy Rebel Wilson isn't Fat Amy, I am. Duh. [I still have her Australian accent.]

In addition to being Fat Amy, I have stolen Beca's boyfriend and am dating Jesse. True story. I could write fanfic or something.

I think I've watched this at least eight times since I purchased it. IT IS SO FUNNY. The majority of people who I've forced to watch it have been impressed by the hilarity of this movie. Most of those people being my family members.

So, what I'm telling you is that we spent most of our time when we were in Florida quoting this movie. You know how people did/do that with Napoleon Dynamite? We do it with Pitch Perfect...including the singing [and a small amount of choreography]. BOOM.

Go watch it and tell me how much you love it.

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