August 23, 2012

this week's mani

Often--in blog land--I feel flaky.

I think I'm a bit of a space cadet.

I'm not serious enough.

Except, I don't actually think those things about myself. I'll read something that really moves and pushes me and I feel like I need to do that too. I shouldn't just slap some words out [I'm a loud typer=truth] hit "Publish" and let it go.
One finger in focus...good work, amy. 

I also never just "let it go," I always edit, modify, change, and then hit "Publish" again.

Sometimes it's still crap.
Sometimes I'm funny.
I'm rarely
However, that's the kind of blog this is. The one that reflects the side of me that is going to write rushed sentences, misuse verb tenses, misspell things, reflect on incoherent thoughts, and pump out some crap once in a while. I'm OK with that. Let's call the crap "opportunities for growth."

I'm not saying that because I feel pressure to be who I'm not. The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself and pressure to write an Etsy post.

Thanks for loving me.

Oh yeah, and those are my fingernails this week. I like them. I like glitter.


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