August 20, 2012

Doughnuts, adios normal life

Sometimes I like to write about things that have nothing to do with each other. It's a bit like I just threw up all over your computer screen with pictures and words and you have no idea what's happening. 
You're welcome.
I love, love, love doughnuts. They are my kryptonite. A cup of coffee and a doughnut make me way happier than a pastry and bitter beverage ever should.
The speed may be a little fast here, but LOOK WHAT I MADE! (-:

I think I'm just wired to love doughnuts.
I blame my favorite bakery where I've been eating from since I was in the womb.<--This may not be a fact.
Today I started my prerequisites [for those of you who think I'm undersharing about this whole school "thing" I'm taking anatomy and statistics this semester] for a nursing program to be named later starting in summer/fall 2013. I forgot what college classes were like; I was nervous before I went.
Then I showed up and approached a group of people hoping to be doctors and pharmacists and a few randoms like me. And we stood in the hallway.

If you know me you know, I am rarely early. I am frequently late. Being that it was the first day, I showed up 12 minutes early along with 90% of the class and we waited. I should have stopped for a doughnut and coffee. [That was me tying things together and may some sort of coherent thought.] At 7:58 our lab assistant showed up.
I think this may be his first class because he was nervous. Like out-of-breath, rapid talking get through the information in 40 minutes [we had 2 hours] kind of nervous.

I quit being nervous because he was nervous enough for both of us.

Also, I'm now officially old, or at least compared to the 20-21-22 year olds I'm ancient. I feel like I can say that because when I was 20, 29 was old. OOOOoooold. People who were almost 30 were married and expecting kids and had careers and did all the things I am definitely not doing right now.

That's ok though. I'm not seeking your approval, only my own.
Matt and Abby, you should be nervous about The Nephew's future love for doughnuts. I'm pretty sure he takes after aunt amy. Good luck with that. hahahahahaha



  1. we should get doughnuts together sometime....they are truly my kryptonite, too. =)

    1. uh, YES! Emily, I would love to share doughnuts with you!