July 9, 2012

this week's mani

Last night I could not sleep.

10:00pm came, when I usually start thinking about my night-time prep, and I was doing laundry.
[By "night-time prep" I mean brushing my teeth, taking my clothes off, and taking my glasses off. Five minutes max. I'm not exactly the kind of girl who takes any sort of time to get ready for bed. Or for anything for that matter...]
11:00pm rolled around and me? I was wide awake painting my nails.
12:00pm and I'm watching Sixteen Candles.

I want my Jake Ryan.

I want to be pursued. I want some guy to try all night to approach me, to call me, to find me just to say "Hi" and introduce himself to me.

This is what I was thinking about while I stared into the darkness at 1:30am. I was wide awake. Not my choice. Brain please turn off.

Is there any aspect of Sixteen Candles that's real? I mean, Molly Ringwald's character drops the f-bomb in the first few minutes. I definitely was not dropping the f-bomb at 16. Or at 29 for that matter.

The party after the dance? I have never in my life been to a party like that.


John Cusack is in Sixteen Candles too. I have had a mondo-crush on John Cusack for years. It's his mouth. I don't know why. I love his mouth.

2:30am. Hank is sleeping next to me stretched out on his back. That little turd. I'm totally waking him up because that's what he does to me every morning. Revenge on my cat.

I have issues.

I fell asleep at some point though. Hallelujah!
Then my alarm went off. Boo.
This is how my nails look. I'm not sure why my right hand always looks better than my left. Oh wait, it's because my left hand [non-dominant] has below average fine motor skills and I actually slow down.

What are your thoughts on Sixteen Candles?
Let's hope I can sleep tonight.


  1. I love Sixteen Candles, and Jake Ryan :) And you! I hope you get a lot of great sleep tonight!

    1. Maggie! I had awesome sleep. Zero dreams, zero wake-ups until Hanklin pounced around 5:30 this morning. Joy! xoxo