July 26, 2012

it crossed my mind

  • I love it when you use a new shampoo/conditioner and you can smell your hair all day. 
  • Dena Carter Strawberry Wine: this album was my transition to woman-hood. I know one single solitary album cannot take credit over the many events, people, and experiences that have made me a woman, but this album is part of making me feel like a woman. When any song from the album come up in my random iTunes playing it makes me feel the mystery of it all again.
  • This summer has been HOT. Like, sweat dripping down your back as soon as you step out of the house hot. I haven't turned on my air conditioning in my apartment yet [or in my car unless I'm driving 50+ mph]. Last summer when I was in Tennessee, my body acclimated to the heat and I didn't hate it. So, as this summer has heated up, I've allowed myself the time to be in air conditioning at work and at Starbucks and other places I go, but when I step out I feel the heat sink into my bones and I love that feeling. When I'm home? I'm pretty much in my undies and sweating. I like it. 
  • When it's too hot to get by with just a fan on me as I sleep? THE AC IS COMING ON. 
  • I have made several references to this YouTube video and no one knows it. You must watch: 
  • Where my mother-fathers at? 
  • Me, driving in the country: I love the country, I could live in the country. Look at all the space! Look at the fields! Look at the nature!
  • Me, driving in a cute, small town: I could totally live in a sweet, little town like this. Look a non-chain grocery! Look at the courthouse! So homey! I could ride a bike here! What beautiful houses! It feels safe!
  • Me, driving in my city: I love the city. It's so great that I can walk places! Look at all the restaurants to choose from! Look at all the interesting churches! Look at the parks! Look at the trails! Look at the coffee-shops! 
  • Needless to say, I have future-dwelling-place schizophrenia. Or I'll be happy just about anywhere as long a there's a Target within an hour. 
  • Speaking of Target...I went in today to get candy for work. Did I head directly toward the candy aisle? No. I went through the clothes...then I went through the shoes...which led me to the baby clothes [found a cute outfit for the nephew]...and then I went to the candy. I spent $30 when I should have spent $0. Other people have this problem with Target, right? 
  • Whenever I hear "Manchester University" I inwardly cringe. I hate it. I'm trying not to [lie]. It will forever be Manchester College in my heart and on my car's tramp stamp. 
  • Now I'm listening to Manchester College choir sing on my iTunes. "If you would win my heart, sing me a love song...if you would mourn me and bring me to God. Sing me a requiem. Sing me to heaven." 
  • I need a choir. 
  • This week's mani didn't photograph well, but I'm really liking it. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Pink on the whole nail, orange crossing it, topcoat, Essie matte crossing the opposite of the orange. It's subtly interesting, if I do say so myself. And I do. Thanks future winner for letting me borrow your polish.  
  • Three of my favorite Instagrams that I haven't shared with you non-Instagrammers. I will never not love over-processed phone pictures. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled
  • thatisall


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