July 13, 2012

It's all a little fuzzy

Sometimes I like the out of focus pictures better than the in-focus ones.

We always go for coffee and food and lots of quality time when I visit Kansas. I'm encouraging her to get out to Indiana for a visit. She would have to find a place for Polly-princess-farts-a-lot because my building doesn't allow dogs.
You know you want to, Becky. You can sleep in my queen-sized bed with me and Hank. Tempting, no?

Abby and Matt.
Post color run, no one wanted to actually touch us. Was it the sweat or the color? Hmmm...the brother and sister-in-law did share a little smooch.

I had so much fun taking Johanna's senior pictures. Even if I did have to set my alarm to go off at 5:45am. Sometimes it's easier to get up for fun things like a photoshoot than it is to get up for work. By "sometimes" I mean ALL THE TIME.
Does anyone see traditional white Jesus** here?


**Just for the record: while I don't believe in the depiction of white, blue-eyed Jesus; I DO believe in Jesus.

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