July 30, 2012

this week's mani [and a wiener]

When I say "wiener" I definitely mean "winner." Please stay tuned.

This week, I painted my nails blue. Then topped the blue with white and a little glitter. I haven't gone a fully week sans glitter in awhile. It's either on my fingers or my toes. Almost 30-year-olds can wear glitter, right? It's not in the same vein as pigtails?
Untitled Untitled
[Sorry to pigtail wearers, I would be one of you had I not read a scathingly awesome post on fb from a friend which chastised adult women with pigtails. How do we feel about adult women with pigtails around here?]

Now for the wiener:
If my counting is correct numero quatro is:

I'm with Megan. Hank posts are the best. It's like getting to hang out with him but without all the fur. And I know from living with him that he sheds a lot. That bee hat is still cruel. But I love you and so does Hank despite the hats.

Rachel, get ahold of me! Let me know how you want your box o' happiness!

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