September 26, 2011


Does anyone else think of Charlotte's Web whenever you hear the word "salutations"?

Oh the good days of childhood.

This is actually a post about a crafty-mccrafterson time I had this weekend. I needed a little something that had some pizzaz to give greetings to all my visitors. [I haven't actually had many visitors, but they'll come!]
steps copy.jpg
I decorated a little rug I purchased at Big Lots for $2. I think you could get something cheaper, I've seen used carpet tiles for $1 at many places [carpet stores, Habitat ReStore, thrift shops] and that would work too! I recommend berber rather than a plush carpet.
steps copy.jpg
Oddly enough, excluding the rug, these are all supplies I have sitting around my house on a daily basis.
steps copy.jpg
Textile medium allows you to turn any acrylic paint you have into fabric paint. It creates this flexible, permanent, slightly rubbery texture for the paint. It's located in the section with the acrylics at any craft store. Just follow the directions, Folk Art recommends a 2 parts medium to 1 part acrylic paint. That's what your containers are for. On a side note, use your stiff brushes, it will make this project easier!
steps copy.jpg
1. I started off by taping my general outline for my border. I eyeballed it because I'm not looking for perfection. This is a craft.
2.I chose the word "hello" and cut out enough space to paint it. I used the portion of the tape I cut to give myself a line at the top of the "h" and "ll" so my letters were approximately the same height. Yes, it totally looks like "hell" BUT the "o" is coming!
3. Isn't that "o" the cutest little sunshiny, welcoming "o" you've ever seen? I'll say it: it still looks a little like "hell-sunshine."
4. Forget the hell-sunshine for a moment and paint the border, OK?
steps copy.jpg
Remove the tape when you're ready to see your creation.
steps copy.jpg
Not bad, but it still needs....something.

I decided it would be improved if I added a little light yellow over the "hell" and a light yellow circle in the sunshine. Improvements, yes. Then I decided to give it a little more dimension with a white free-hand line over the green border.
steps copy.jpg
I like it! (-:

Wanna come over?

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