September 11, 2011

Pop Music and Symphony Orchestrations

Should it be symphonic? I don't really need to know since I don't really care that much, but I just want to make sure that those of you who are more anal retentive than I am know that I debated that.

Last night I went to Fishers, Indiana. It was a spur of the moment trip to see this girl:
Jon McLaughlin + ISO The one and only Rach McF. Love her. You may remember her from the last time I was in Fishers at Conner Prairie.
Jon McLaughlin + ISO CP is the location of the really cool, totally amazing, brilliantly beautiful Symphony on the Prairie featuring the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. They [no, I don't know exactly who "they" is/are] began composing the orchestrations for this concert last February. The concert was benefitting Outreach, Inc. which is an agency in Indianapolis working with homeless teenagers and young adults.
DSC_0658.jpg The concert was amazing. Uh-may-zzzzz-ing.
Jon McLaughlin + ISO Jon McLaughlin + ISO Yeah, that's an overly cropped picture with a bunch of lust-filled women 
standing at the stage gazing as Jon McL sings and plays the piano. 

Reasons why I loved this concert:
1. Chellooo--totally makes what could potentially be a pretentious orchestra concert accessible by young people, couples, older people, families, toddlers, basically...EVERYONE.
2. I quite enjoy Jon McLaughlin's music and have for several years now, I don't have his newest album yet, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Indiana.
3. People bring their own food, laugh, chatter and enjoy themselves without the usual concert etiquette. [Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the etiquette, but I also enjoy a good conversation while I'm listening to music.]
4. We were outside and the weather was perfection.
5. Pop singer/songwriter music + orchestration = perfection
[6. Free tickets since Rach McF works there.]

Rach and I started out by chowing on some dinner followed by Oreos. Orange Halloween Oreos.
Jon McLaughlin + ISO Jon McLaughlin + ISO Jon McLaughlin + ISO And even though Rach always ends up with the ridiculous "I'm eating food and look ridiculous" pictures, I should say that I generally look worse since we're constantly trying to one-up one another. It's just that I have the camera and she doesn't. Mah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

As the light went down it just got more and more beautiful.
Jon McLaughlin + ISO Jon McLaughlin + ISO
Jon McLaughlin + ISO
Oh yeah, and this guy? He's totally taking a picture with his phone through one lens of his binoculars. Does this actually work?

Here's a video--the balance of the band and orchestra aren't stellar since the person filming is basically sitting on the edge of the stage--but you get the idea:

So the only thing I'm left wanting is a recording of this performance. Where do I get it?
 Jon McLaughlin + ISO
Orchestral pop is the new black.

Final thought: this would be the *PERFECT* first date. Feel free to recommend this to all the single men you know who should ask me out. [Of course, I think the season is basically over now...]



  1. I absolutely loved hearing Brandi Carlile at the pops on the prairie last summer. thanks for helping me remember that amazing night.

  2. @Kathy: I must find more of this! I've forgotten how much I love the arts [with the exclusion of musical theatre] since I spent so much time working on weekends and missed out on them! It needs to become a priority for me!