September 13, 2011


Lately Hank has gotten into the habit of pouncing on me in the middle of the night between the hours of 3:00-7:00am.

Those are not hours I enjoy being awake. Yesterday, I went for the gold and every time I saw Hank starting to doze off for a mid-afternoon nap I would shake him awake. 

It was one of my more mature moments. 
What a stinker.

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  1. I've done this before to Moses. Moses wakes us up nearly every night/morning between the hours of 3-5am. This morning, he was kind enough to wait until 5:45.

  2. @Mair: Today, I felt the temptation to find something like a bark collar for Hank's loud meows. He needs something to entertain him. I must get fish. [That's the only low-maintenance pet I can think of.]