June 7, 2010


Two more winners!

Today I used my blogging time to not find the overdue library book that is stressing me out.

I'm sorry. And although I renewed the book, I still can't find it. Do you know where it is? Because it's not in my car (I checked 4 times), under my bed, under the couch, in the couch cushions, on my desk, in this pile of books, in that pile of books, under the magazine, under my laundry, in any bag I have used in the past 6 weeks, or anywhere else I could think of! ARRRRG!

Back to the task at hand!

Winner of Food Network Magazine (from post Sugar) is none other than
#7: Ms. K! 
It's Ms. K's birthday today too! Yay! 

Winner of a pair of earrings from Michelle's (aka Ms. K) Etsy site is......
#1: John! 
John, I love your love for Kathy.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Look for more posts tomorrow! 


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