June 10, 2010


These shoes rock.
Remember that one time when I talked about the wedding in my head?

Well, after that post aired I was asked about the comfort of TOMS shoes and you know what? I couldn't answer that question. I was merely operating on the quality of their mission and not necessarily the quality of their product. Not that I can find major fault with that, but as the type of person attempting to provide you with the most accurate information possible, I felt it was my duty to explore the realm of TOMS.

I do what I can for you.

I went to Morgan Imports (one of my favorite stores in Durham) and they sell TOMS shoes.

They sell other stuff too...furniture, bikes, fun cards, random toiletries, purses, some kitchen stuff, planters, baby clothes, hilarious gifts, and beautiful jewelry. It's pretty much a smorgasbord of incredibleness.

Emily fell in love. With a store. It was a mountaintop experience.
DSC_0430.jpg DSC_0430.jpg

And hats. Fun, fun hats.
We're practically Southern Belles.
From the Midwest.

Then we came to the TOMS display.
Megan and I wear the same shoe size. Size 11. It's large. It's in charge. It's hard to find. Aaarg!
DSC_0422.jpg DSC_0422.jpg
I'm not sure if you noticed, so let me help you....
Yeah, that's Blake, the founder of TOMS Shoes. Adorable right? And the hint of a dimple beneath the rugged beard? And the guy who started this awesome one for one project?

I thought his name was Tom though. I'll bet that some of you did too, but it's not. I found that out in this Wikipedia article. TOMS actually came from the word "tomorrow" as in "Shoes for Tomorrow Project."

Cool right?
So, I got myself a pair.
They say "MAKE ART NOT WAR" which I pretty much love.

I 100% recommend getting a pair. For a multitude of reasons:
1. They're comfy.
2. They now have a wedge.
It's so cute! And if I actually wore heels I might be tempted to get a pair.
3. I like both the men's and women's styles. I find them rather unisex (except maybe the wedges?), so it's nice to see what options are there besides the ones listed under "women."
4. A child will get shoes.
5. You'll be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Things I noticed: when I was trying on shoes, my regular size felt a little tight, so I went up a half size. After wearing the shoes, I found that they stretched a bit so I think I would have been fine with my traditional size. Seriously these shoes are good quality, comfortable and fun!

Do you have a pair of TOMS? What do you think? Are you going to get a pair of TOMS? Which ones?

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  1. Actually, I have been eyeing them myself. Around here they can be found at Nordstroms although they did not have the wedges on display, it was quite a limited selection. I also had a patient come in the other day and she was wearing TOMS, so of course I had to comment. They are definately on my list of things I must buy soon.