June 6, 2010

I have a friend

Just one friend?

Her name is Michelle.

She's nekkid over on the right sidebar of this blog. I don't know if you noticed.

I have a confession to make. (Do you find it strange that I feel the need to confess things over here? It's like this is my faux-Catholic confessional, which I don't really know anything about because I am not Catholic nor have I ever really been around anyone who went to confessional. However, when I say "confess" it makes me think of movies where people are sitting in the dark shadowy box talking to a "priest" who usually turns out to be not a priest. He usually turns out to be a murderer who wants to get the confessor and they happen to be in the confessional at the same time. The end.)

On to the confession: I am a bad book club member. See I'm a part of this book club with 11 (12? 13? 14?) women Michelle knows throughout the country. We each chose a book to start with and then we send it to the same person every 4-6 weeks.


I however, will now tell you about the last book I was to have read: it's sitting next to my bed, unread, unloved and I was supposed to send it by the 15th.

Of May.

I think my person hates me. (Sorry Sabeen!) Luckily she's nice and doesn't send me angry messages.

Michelle is the person who sends to me. And you know what? She's usually late too! (HA!) Except she makes up for it by including presents.

See these?
I am easily bribed into forgetting that I was supposed to have recieved a book when there are bits of beauty to hang from my ears.
And this is the second pair!

The first pair (which I got with the last book) is right here:

Now, you could be jealous, or you could get yourself a pair. What? What's that I said? Well, Michelle sells these at her Etsy site!

Today, I'm giving away a pair of Michelle's earrings over on Etsy. You choose the earrings.

What do you have to do? Leave a comment. A comment about what?
A comment about a talented woman in your life who you have crossed paths with at any point. 
Comments will be taken until 10:00 am Monday (6/7).

Stay beautiful!



  1. You can probably guess who I'm going to say but I'll name her anyway... Kathy Randall! She has a beautiful singing voice and a wonderful heart for people, both of which are serving her well in Kenya as we speak.

  2. Jessie was my first real friend in college when I moved down to SC. Lucky for me, her usual introvert personality goes on hold when she is put in new social situations and she tries to befriend everyone. I, on the other hand, feel like I'm going to overwhelm people with my personality and I tend to be more introverted. She gave me Ramen Noodles and that was the start of a beautiful friendship that has lasted 8 years.

  3. Well what can I say about the gal I get to share my life with, she is smart, funny, nice, and extremely talented. She of course is my sister, Kacy. Not only is she my twin but she is everything I am not, she for one majored in college is a men's only field and received much praise for her work. I only majored in business nothing as creative and talentworthy as she, I have to admit as much as I miss seeing her and bouncing ideas off her I know that the time we now get to share together is much more meaning full and enjoyed.

    Thanks for bringing me sparks of insight to my days, Amy.

  4. I have just recently made a new connection and everyday I am finding my new friend to be more and more amazing. Her name is Deana and I she works next door to me in my northern office. I first noticed her because she has a license plate for my alma mater on her vehicle. As I have come to know her and learn from her I am finding that she is someone I will be able to relate to, turn to and lean off if need be. So, here's to Deana.

  5. Boo, I missed the window! But I would have commented on my voice teacher, Winifred Brown. She was about the kindest, coolest, most talented person ever. And she had the most amazing voice ever (like she sang at the Met, for real) but she still was a great, inspirational teacher. Not the bitter, I'm too old to perform type of teacher. The super amazing and happy for you making your baby steps sort of teacher. She would got to auditions just to see who was out there in the world of voice and she could see promise in Everyone, but she wasn't just sugar coating everything. She really, really knew her stuff. I'm using some of her warm ups at choir on Wednesday. Shoot, now I miss Winifred...

  6. I was just thinking about the book and catching up on your blog. Then I stumbled upon this post! Good thing you are awesome!