June 9, 2010

It's a little creepy

–verb (used with object)
1. to pursue (game, a person, etc.) stealthily.
2. to proceed through (an area) in search of prey or quarry: to stalk the woods for game.
3. to proceed or spread through in a steady or sinister manner: Disease stalked the land. 

One time I had a stalker. 

Now, I live with her. 
Megan was my stalker back in fall 2008. 

Megan moved to McPherson, Kansas town of 14,000, to work at Central Christian College of Kansas. Amy moved to McPherson, Kansas town of 14,000, to work at McPherson College. If you've ever lived in a dorm before as a young 20-something, you know how hard it is to find friends who are your age who AREN'T college students. There's a fine line between being friends with your residents and being a supervisor of sorts. 

So Megan was on the prowl for friends. 

Amy was just thinking about the fact that she was back in her hometown, which was a place she swore she would never return to (to live, visiting is awesome). 

One evening Megan was at the local Wal-mart (Wal-mart is a pretty happenin' place. Plus it's the only place open after 10pm. I can tell that you're impressed.) where she ran into a young-ish man. Megan is bold, so she started talking to him and he was wearing a McPherson College shirt. She asked if he was a student and he replied that he was the women's basketball coach. *ding* Megan had an epiphany: if there was this one young-ish guy at McPherson College, there were probably others too. 

You should also know that McPherson College and Central Christian College are on the opposite sides of town. Across the tracks. 

We didn't mix. 
We didn't mingle. 
We stayed on our own sides unless there was a basketball or soccer game.

Megan took to the internet. After some swift research she found Amy on the student services page, listing her as a resident director, Megan sent an email.

Amy deleted that email.

As the student activities sponsor, Amy was at an event downtown one evening where both colleges had been invited. All of a sudden, Amy heard her name being called. 

"Hey, are you Amy?"
"Hi! I'm Megan! I sent you an email a few days back?" 
"Uh. Yeah. Hmmm...well, I've been having some trouble with my email." (Yes, I TOTALLY LIED. I'm a bad person.)
"Oh, OK. So, I work as a resident director over at Central and I was wondering if you wanted to meet for coffee sometime."
"Uh. Um. Uh....OK." (I'm extraordinarily AWKWARD.)
"Great! How about this week?"

And then we met for coffee. She forced me out of my comfort zone. 

And you know what? Megan wasn't crazy. 
She became one of my closest friends. 
And she made me drink coffee. 

Now, I love coffee enough that I drink it daily. 

And that was the time I had a stalker. 

Why am I telling you this story? 

Because I'm kind of a stalker to the Pioneer Woman. You know how much I love and adore her. She is my hero. 

I wouldn't actually, like, try to find her house or anything though. What do I look like? (Don't answer that.) I wouldn't even really call it "stalking," I'd call it a friend crush. 

I want to be her friend. 

In honor of PW, I'm giving away a copy of her cookbook. You will love it. I love it. 
Just leave a comment telling me about your current "friend crush." No judgment here. We all know this is crazytown. 

This is the last give-away in our anniversary edition of Mostly Nonsense-related give-aways! One comment per person, by 12:40 pm Thursday (6/10). 

Goooooood luck!


  1. I honestly don't have much of a friend crush at the moment ...

    Earlier in the year I had a minor friend crush on Mr. Rogers though after reading a book about him that largely consisted of his letters. Less so there was a connection with Bobby Ross as well.

  2. P.S. Do we really need to call it "crush," haha?

  3. Just realized those were both dead, not sure if you can have a dead friend crush. Sorry if the extra comments throw off your random machine. Just don't count the latter two if selected.

  4. Well....you know my friend crush -- it's "Dawn, the stamper" who always starts her videos with "Hi, Stampers!" I totally know all about her and her family--did you know they just bought a Harley for her husband, who is home from his engineering job in Iraq for 3 weeks for their daughter Jessica's graduation? Yes, if I know that much about her...I think I'm her "friend stalker." Enough said. =-)

  5. My current friend crush is Ellen. She works at Conner Prairie with me and I love her to death. She's funny and vivacious and I wish I could have known her in college. On Sunday we decided to get some drinks and pizza together and ended up with a pitcher of frozen strawberry margaritas and some awesome Hot Box pizza. We kind of avoided the other people at work who all got together at steak n shake and just told them "Oh, I have plans." It was totally awesome!

  6. My current friend crush is Hoffers, Amy, because I miss her so much I must put her last name first in order to distract myself from the all encompassing angst I feel when I hear her name. Also ebcause she is awesome and I don't have to have any pretense and because I can shamelessly (do a lotof things including) document my life when she is around. Because I taught her well. The end I miss you.

  7. I currently have a friend crush on a couple of people. They all live together so that makes it pretty easy. But their names are Irene, Mozella, and Camilia. They are 30 somethings living together and super cool. Irene works with special needs individuals, Mozella is a doctor (totally BA), and Camilia works a super secret job for the gov't. they have invited me places a little bit but we aren't to the full-blown stage where we have gotten coffee yet to seal the deal. We'll get there. Don't worry. I am an expert at these things. ;)

  8. I have a friend crush on a girl I work with, Kristin, she is kind of quirky but super crafty she's nice and seems fun but she is also a supervisor and well no one at work hangs out after hours. It's lame and sad.

  9. I just finally read this today and it's making me feel so much better about my current stalkage. :)

  10. "
    One time I had a stalker.

    Now, I live with her. "

    this line. every creeper's dream yo

    1. true story. I'm one with the creepers.

  11. if...the address of the pioneer woman just....happened to find its way to your comments section....would you be adverse to this turn of events? I know a guy who knows a guy who has a shady trenchcoat he could totally hook you up.

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the 3.75 years since I wrote this post...I am less obsessed with the PW.

      I know, I'm a bad fan.