June 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but today is a big day for this here website.

It's been one year since Mostly Nonsense 365 came about.


My little baby is now a toddler!

For this super-special week, I'm doing give-aways! Not big fancy stuff, but fun stuff that I think relates to the nonsense that makes up what keeps you coming back (even when I'm not around) which is why I love you.

Love. *sigh* If were were closer I would rest my head on your shoulder at this point.

I was going to post all of my past headers, but apparently I deleted most of those in a massive "I'll never look at those pictures again, or need them" moment.


And now I want them. Story of my life.

So here's your quick re-cap:

Pretend that blank space is the original cherry-blossom header. I'll refresh your memory, it was cherry blossoms and it said "Facts, Opinions & Other Nonsense" on it. I think there may have been some other pictures too, but I can't remember that much detail.

Fall 2009. I love the leaves...

Another blank space for the snowmen of winter. These were white chocolate snowmen that I saw at Parker & Otis. Same general idea...picture of the snowmen says "Facts, Opinions & Other Nonsense" over the top.

Then I received Photoshop Elements for Christmas (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) and headers have never been the same. Well, they've never been the same once I discovered the tutorial over on Pioneer Woman because Photoshop is hard people.

I am not anywhere near a professional level, but I can see progress. Progress is the stuff I'm all about.

On to the giveaway! The good stuff! Whoo!

Please try to contain your excitement.

Here's how it's going to work...submit ONE comment within 24 hours of the post and one randomly selected person will be chosen as the winner-winner-chicken-dinner. (Although, there will be no chicken dinners because I don't actually eat chicken.)

Today's big, exciting, thrilling, Mostly Nonsense 365 related give-away is:

You all know I'm kinda into the whole baked goods and baking thing (if you don't you need to come around more often) so I'm going to bake up some cookies for you--the winner--and send/deliver them depending on our distance. Because who doesn't love receiving a package of yummy cookies? 

So, your comment. Just let me know what kind of cookie you would love to receive in the mail. If it's not one I'm familiar with, I'll ask you for the recipe, then I'll probably blog about it because that's how things work in these parts. Feel free to comment until 1:00pm EST (5/4).

Thanks for sticking with me! 

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse any cookie that I deem too difficult/time consuming/expensive. Thankyouverymuch. 


  1. Congrats on your one year commitment I feel if I blog I will fizzle out and eventually just stop doing it all together so again congrats. I've enjoyed reading your blog and your recipes.

  2. AmyLiz,
    I love you girl!! Way to go on ONE year!! I need your massage therapy skills almost as much as I need your cookies. If I win -- I would like you to send your grandfather (in my name of course) a batch of the molasses cookies that he loves. With devotion, Your Aunt Suze

  3. Though unsuccessfully trying to get into swimsuit shape, the prospect of cookies deserves an attempt regardless. Double-chocolate, mmmmmm ... :D

    Mr. Eric S.

  4. I noticed a theme in your blog headings and I believe Hank might show up the most...either him or you.

    I hope I get chosen!!! I need some baking in my life. Tonight I made your pb/choc/microwaved delight but I added some rice crispies because I like that.

  5. The best cookies!

    Sam McFadden =)

  6. I would like some kind of chocolatey peanut buttery goodness. But if you want to send them to Sam, instead, I totally understand.


    Thank you, Amy, for being my friend this weekend.

  7. Ok so I think it unfair if I have missed the deadline. First I'm at camp with limited time to do my usual stalking of your blog. Two I'm now in the mountain time zone and it's 1 am here so can that count?

    On another note. Congratulations on one year!!! I know it has been something I always look forward to reading. And it is FABULOUS!!!

    You know I love just about anything chocolate.....with peanut butter or mint are my favorite combos :)

  8. I LOVE COOKIES! and my iPhone!

    Farmer Brown

  9. My favorite cookies are Mayan chocolate cookies with chocolate imported straight from former Mayan lands in Central America, topped with shaved gold flakes, then wrapped in hundred dollar bills. PICK ME! PICK ME! :-)

  10. Kathy's got these cookies called Santa's Favorites that are delicious. But I'd be happy with chocolate chips + a nut.

  11. My clock says 1:00 pm EDT. I hope I made it! I would gladly accept anything you produced, as I'm convinced our culinary hearts are twins.