June 8, 2014


1. What was the date of the first post? June 3, 2009
You can read a bit about when/where I was when I started ye olde blog in the about the nonsense page. I'll summarize though so you don't have to click: I was working a temp job as a receptionist/office assistant and wanted something to do...and you're on the internet viewing my "something to do."

2. What's my middle name? Elizabeth
One of my mom's college BFFs was named "Amy Elizabeth" and my mom always liked it. Elizabeth is also my Aunt's middle name and my Great Aunt's first name. My immediate family calls me Amy Liz.

3. Where's my favorite place to shop online? Lands' End.
I love it. I've cut back my shopping drastically over the past year, but Lands' End is my go-to for sweaters/cardigans, swimsuits, and outerwear.

4. Where was this blog started? Durham, NC
Although the first posts were written at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I sat in my bedroom stealing borrowing the neighbor's internet and tried to figure out how in the world to use blogger.

5. I blogged about Harry Potter openings twice. How many Harry Potter posts are there? 29.
It's to the right in the categories section. 29 posts about HP? Seems excessive.

6. "Freals" is a word I use combining the words "For"+"Reals." True.

7. The one month in the past 5 years when I only wrote one post was: August 2013
I was a little stressed about starting school and money at that point in my life if I'm remembering correctly.

8. I'm currently in school for...nursing!
My first degree was is psychology and I hope to go on to get my master's in Midwifery, but right now, I'm fighting my way through nursing school.

9. This blog was originally called: Facts, Opinions, & Other Nonsense
I kept it that way for awhile and then one day I just changed it. I read an article about how it was helpful to have a matching website and blog name, so I went with it. Plus chellooo--Mostly Nonsense 365 is basically the perfect name for me.

10. I would classify myself as a: Pescatarian [Vegetarian who eats fish]

11. I had a picture on The Pioneer Woman's website once. [I had heart palpitations and high-fived myself.] What was it a picture of? My cousin's wedding. 
I still think I'm cool.

12. When I was in Hawaii my dress flew up and I showed a bus full of tourists my undies. True.

13. My favorite beverage: Coffee.

14. I love that you read my blog. TRUE.

Thanks for reading my rambling over the past 5 years, y'all.
love you.

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