June 6, 2014

a quiz at the end of the week

It's the final day, friends! Today, to enter all you have to do is answer all the questions in the quiz. You don't even have to get them all correct! Leave your name and you're entered to win a virtual gift card from Sevenly
The winner is #9 who was "wifey" (aka MG). (-: 
If you're not familiar with Sevenly, I suggest you head over and check out what they're all about. Every week they team up with a different charity and have limited edition, very cool products rolling out on their website. 

Commenting will be open until Sunday (6/8) at 9:00am and random.org will select the winner. If you have trouble with the Google Form let me know ASAP so I can see what I can do. 
**All items are purchased and sent [or hand delivered with hugs] by me.**  


  1. The quiz worked for me! I don't think I got them all right.

    1. thanks for letting me know that it worked! I always worry.