June 3, 2014

then I swooned

In nursing school we have a lot of confidentiality bases to cover, so I'll write about what I'm learning, silly things I've done, but nothing that could tell you where I'm working or anything specific about a patient. If I share anything, I'll write some stories which are free of identifiers, hold on to them for a few days/weeks/months to increase the distance between me and my stories, and then-finally-share them with you.

As a future nurse it seems so cliché to have a crush on a physician. Sometimes, the heart wants what it wants. It likes what it likes. Can you feel me?

Today** I experienced my first physician crush.

Nursing students see all kinds of people all day on the unit and I can barely keep them straight: physicians, nurses, residents, respiratory therapists, environmental personnel, patient care personnel, physical therapy, chaplains, transportation, lift team, kitchen staff, pharmacy staff, specialists who specialize in things, patients, and families. My point is there are a heckuva lot of people around the unit, the hospital is filled with people who know all kinds of things.

Normally, I interact with about 2-3 of those categories.
1. the nurse I'm collaborating with [Help me, I'm insecure and this makes me forgetful. I'm sorry I can never remember the action of that one drug that I can't remember that I can't remember.]
2. the patient care personnel [Help me, I'm an idiot for pulling the dirty sheets out rather than tucking them under. You are so much more efficient than I am.]
3. the patients and families [Yup.]

I spend a lot of time asking for help.

I don't actually talk to the physicians or residents. Did you see the comment about about my personal insecurities? I'm still going to need to work on getting over those first thankyouverymuch.

When Physician Crush came down the hall today he was friendly. [I didn't have a crush on him yet of course, this was the first time I'd interacted with him.] He looked at us [my partner RN and me] in the eye. He genuinely seemed to enjoy his work. [I will say, many physicians I see on a regular basis seem to enjoy their work, but in a manner that says, I'm Very Serious and Busy. I'm definitely not trying to make light of the seriousness of health care, however you don't necessarily get to see the delight in their practice. This man had delight.] He laughed. He paused long enough to ask questions about personal lives. He took the time to write a letter for a patient's spouse explaining why they were in the hospital just so the spouse could give that letter to their employer. He ran upstairs to answer a patient question. He was at the hospital to serve his patients and take really excellent care of them.

The real kicker for me was when my nurse and I were going through medications [This is a nursing school thing, as you give each med you tell the patient what it's for and a possible side effect and I was prepping to go through this with a patient. Remember when I said I can never remember them? This is one of my weaknesses.] and we were curious if we were giving a broad spectrum antibiotic or a specific antibiotic related to culture samples. He came over and explained the differences in gram negative and gram positive rods and when, how, and where those show up in the sputum [aka phlegm] and how those would relate to an antibiotic selection.


I'm pretty sure I'm in lust with this physician who told me about the rods in the sputum.

And by "lust" I mean, thanks for being so kind, Physician Crush. I might even ask you a question about a patient if I see you again.

That's a big maybe.

**not actually today, sometime in the recent past

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  1. OOh! This is so cute--you'll have to show me where you got it!!

    1. I ordered a 4 prints awhile back from the Pen + Paint etsy site, mom! (-:

  2. Recently my mother-in-law found out that our car didn't have air conditioning. She paid for us to get it repaired cuase she is awesome.

    1. hooray for AC for commuting and for long drives with a baby!

  3. This one time...my niece, who didn't yet know she would be in nursing school, came to sit with me in a hospital room. For 10 days she spent the night with my children, got them off to school, and then switched places with my husband so he could go home & shower & sleep. For 1 week +3, my sister's daughter loved my family really well and me too. Sometimes, she just sat next to my bed and told me all would be well. Sometimes she would rub my back and tell me stories. Mostly, she reminded me that I belong to really good people. This brand of kindness is rare. I will always be grateful to her.

  4. I am in love with that Doctor as well... and I have never even met him.
    Hope you are still showing off your awesome for Dr. McDreamy.

    - Haley!!!!

    1. he was so kind! I'm not on that unit anymore, but if we happen to cross paths again I wouldn't be sad!

  5. Just trying to say I'm glad you shared a nursing story and a snipet of Amy-life right now. Is the Dr man cute? Single? Potential husband man material?


    1. I don't know! I wish I did, he was totally husband material in the brief glimpse of what I saw. The whole single-not single thing miiiiiiiight get in the way though. (-;

  6. when people take the time to listen... to actually listen to me. it is a HUGE deal to me.

    1. YES. I love that too, Kathy...deep, meaningful conversation. <3