February 13, 2013

meet the niece

Since my computer is back and I've been dyyying to share some pictures of this sweet little babe. The official ones since you've seen iPhone pictures. I warned you that it was going to be a baby zone in here.

And she is tiny.
m.hoffman newborn
mya and brody
Brody has still had a fairly constant stream of attention, so they're getting along pretty well. There's nothing like the difference between an 18-month old and a newborn to see who the real baby is.

See? He looks like such a little man in his sweater vest. The boy's got style. You should know we took these after listening to Destiny's Child, Andrea Bocelli and Will.I.Am on Sesame Street: Singing with the Stars. Gotta love jamming with this little dancer.

Let's refocus shall we? Back to my favorite niece ever. Matt and Abby keep their baby names a secret until the baby is born. Totally understandable. Especially in this case, we wouldn't want any jealousy.
We all know who she is named after...even if her parents don't.

Well, I am honored.
baby sneeze
Baby sneezes, so cute.

Do you see how this girl is looking at the camera? The baby who is awake for approximately three hours a day REFUSED to fall asleep, but she was perfectly happy the whole time. I have several where she's looking directly at the camera [I think it was the noise], and I'm going to say that it was because she wanted to look at aunt amy.

Nothing is better than being an aunt!

Does anyone else want to provide me with some [faux or real] nieces or nephews?

love you people.

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