February 19, 2013

You May Not Know

1. I gag every time I brush my teeth. It's because I'm dedicated to thoroughly brushing my tongue. Gagging every morning is part of my routine.

2. I am the top record holder for the women's hammer throw at Manchester College. I'm in the top 5 for the conference records.

3. I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey and homegirl [that's me] loves a good smutty romance novel.

4. I firmly believe that all people should learn to parallel park, mostly because every time you parallel park you will feel like a badass.

5. I think everyone should have an accurate picture of himself or herself where you look like a rockstar. Not a real rockstar, but you feel handsome/hot/beautiful/real/amazing/proud/super happy to see your own face.

6. I cannot get enough hot chocolate with salt when it's cold outside. Freals.

7. In college my room was the "naked room." You never knew if my roommate or I would be clothed when you came in. Please, contain your shock.

8. I think if I ever visited a nudist colony I'd either freak out or dive in 100%. Even in my imagination I don't know how I'd respond. I am always nervous about sunburn on my breasts. That just sounds horrific.

9. Leggings aren't pants, but I can't completely convince myself of that because of their comfort. I'm afraid of reverting back to my sweatpant ways, but using leggings. I also found these fleece lined leggings [on sale for $7.95, but buy a size larger than normal] that are amazeballs.  Help.

10. I can go an entire day at school without talking to one person. That's just wrong.

11. I am officially COLD ALL THE TIME. What is wrong with me? Ugh. Now, I wear these socks and it helps. They're kind of the generic version of SmartWool [which I also adore, but cannot afford]. I found them on sale at Target. Holla!

12. I feel nervous about getting into my program and I think that might be my next serious post because I'm going to need to make plan A, plan B and plan C to relax a bit. Get ready to give me your opinions!

I think that's all I've got for now.

love you people.


  1. I love reading your stream of consciousness on gagging while brushing your teeth (I totally brush my tongue until i gag and then I know I'm done!), accomplishments, leggings ( I know it's wrong but they're just too comfortable sometimes, so I hide them with long shirts and boots. It's my leggings?- no these are actually pants- camouflage), and future life events and paths and choices.

    You're pretty durn amazeballs
    Jess (Spevens- cause I don't know how you'll know it's me if I don't put my last name)

    1. do you think tongue brushing and gagging are genetic? LET'S DO A STUDY, we will be millionaires. (-:

      I'm wearing leggings right now...under a dress with boots, but still. they're awesome. have you seen the "am I wearing pants?" infographic? HILARIOUS.

      love you, girl. miss you lots!