October 20, 2012

this week's mani

Lots of my friends love-I mean really, really LOOVE-Halloween.

For me, my reaction is, "meh."

I'm excited for November 1st. Why? 
Is it because in two weeks I'll be another year older? No. 
Is it because the probability of snow has increased? A little. 
Is it because I'm going to Kansas for Thanksgiving? Sure. 
Is it because for two consecutive months I can listen to Christmas music on repeat? YES

But, even though I'm excited for November, I can still pretend to have some Halloween spirit, so I did my nails. 

Candy corn nails for my right hand and a Frankenstein's [that's "Frah-kehn-sch-teen"] Monster, a cuppula mummies, a jack'o lantern and a candy corn on the left. I painted the candy corn nails by doing 2 layers of yellow over the whole nail, a stripe of orange and finishing with a stripe of white at the base. I had white polish ALL OVER my cuticles, but I just scrubbed it off in the shower this morning. (-:

The Frankenstein's [that's "Frah-kehn-sch-teen"] Monster nail is a layer of dark green, a layer of a lighter green painted imperfectly and details with black striper polish. The mummies are 2 layers of glow-in-the dark OPI [it's old] with two eyes dotted on and then white striper polish making the mummy's bands. The jack'o lantern is just orange and I drew on it with black striper polish.

Untitled Untitled
Halloween nails.

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