October 28, 2012

just a day...documented

It's fall in Indiana. Most of the leaves have now fallen, we had two days of deliciously warm weather and it's now brisk. I love wearing cardigans, layers, leggings, boots and scarves.
Fall is my jam.

I met these ladies I love for a brunchie-munchie-lunchie.
Senior. She's not allowed to go to college. I love her.
Freshman. She's not allowed to turn 15. I love her.
Auntie. She needed new pictures for speaking engagements. Hence the brunchie-munchie-lunchie. We laughed a lot. I love that and her.

I think this was the best latte I've had since leaving NC. Yes, I'm talking about the BEST LATTE I'VE  HAD IN 17 MONTHS. Fort Wayne people, go to the Friendly Fox.
Plus the cup was pretty. [If you noticed the latte art was different...you get a GOLD STAR! This was my second cup. Love.]

This is me...in a bathroom. My hair is growing sloooooowly. I just want to chop it off like these hairspiration ideas on pin 1 and pin 2. Thoughts? Of course it has to be long enough to donate before I take the plunge.
I'm trying to blog more. I was asked to write some updates over on the cooking closet.
I did.
I am.
I have recipes to share. One of those things is this pumpkin whoopie pie. Hellooooo, tastiness.
Since I'm trying to blog more, and I don't want to be annoying on the book of faces...you can follow me on the Mostly Nonsense 365 facebook page if your heart so desires.

This week's mani:
Orange and black for a little Halloween action.

Hank says hello.
There's a whole Hank post coming up soon. He doesn't want you to forget how to adore him.

love you people.


  1. I like pin 2. But you could totally rock either. And, your hair is mad long...like whoa!

    1. (-:

      my hair is DRIVING ME CRAY-CRAY. or maybe that's just my mind.