May 4, 2012

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photo cred: Paper Coterie
    • In other news, for the first time ever I have my mom's birthday AND mother's day gifts ready. Now, the question is, can I get it sent
  • I had never heard of Star Wars Day until today. And I'm still confused as to why. 
  • I am dog-sitting [for the sweetest pup] and they have internet AND Hulu AND Netflix. Holy cow, how do I live without these things? I'm catching up on Glee and Kurt [Chris Colfer] never disappoints. Love, love, love his voice. 
  • I made a new pin board on pinterest: food tour [places to eat someday] thus far it only has 2 places, but I shall find more and someday I'm going to spend a good month eating to my heart's content. *happy squeal* 
    • I will take suggestions of other places. I will recommend TortillaCafe to you
    • Future Husband, Honeymoon idea? I hope you love food as much as I do and we can eat off each other's plates because that's going to happen whether you want it to or not. Love, Future Wife
  • The other day I pulled up to a stop light and saw three motorcycles with a total of five people on them. How many of those people were wearing helmets? ZERO. Yeah, that should be illegal. Idiots. [No links here just an observation and opinion.]
  • I can't stop reading this blog. I love her writing. I love her story. I love that she's not just a pretty skinny girl who promotes eating lettuce. I want to be friends. [I still feel weird about internet friend. I have some semi-internet friends-we only met once, briefly. Sometimes I suffer from social anxiety.] I also want to go on her vacation.
  • Yesterday was beautiful. 
I went for a run. By "run" I mean, I could not get my body to move, so I walked 75% of the time. But I still tuned into a  sweaty beast. [Sometime I'll tell you how much I love to be sweaty. I'm totally NOT being sarcastic.] What did I learn? That some days all I can do is move and that's good enough for those days.
Yes, that is really the color of my skin at that point. No enhancing was used. Just straight up picture of moi and my glistening, reddish/yellowish face.

OK, I think that's all.

Love you people. 

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