May 1, 2012

for the love of...HANK!

I know, I know...I'm delving into crazy cat lady realm.

my name is hank and I have needs Untitled
Just keep your thoughts in your head, say them to your friends, but don't say it to me. Now that we're on the same page, I will show you Hanklin pictures from the past week.
You payin' attention?
Untitled Untitled
How do you not love a beast who has unconditional love for you? I can't help it. He just kills me. He wants to be in my lap all the time. He wants to be with me in the bathroom. He wants to be with me in bed. He never wants to be alone.

Separation anxiety, what?!

So when I am home, he's *rightthere*, and I mean all up in my grill.
If by "grill" I mean between my legs.

This might be wrong on so many levels, but his lack of personal boundaries is preparing me for life with children. He paws everything on the "bad touch" list. Freals.

Untitled Untitled
Plus he's dang cute.

And he'll tell you all about it.

These are all edited on Instagram. [Are you on it yet? Be my friend? nonsensebyamy: find me] I read a tip somewhere that if you change your setting to airplane mode and then process your pictures they'll save to your phone [if you have it set up to save a version to your phone] and you don't have to post them on Instagram if you don't want to. I mean, I could have clogged up Instagram with the Hankers, but I didn't.

I clogged up my blog instead.
You're welcome.

Do you have any good Instagram tips or tricks?


Love this kitty.
Love you people.


  1. Hankers is awesome (even though I just met him a handful of times). Don't apologize for loving your kitty!! Revel that you have a wonderful animal friend :)

    1. i'm trying to embrace it! and i really do love him because of all his quirkiness as well as the massive amounts of love he pours on me. (-:

    2. *and i'm also worried people will think i'm really, truly, honestly a crazy cat lady.*

      *she whispered to herself.

      maybe i am.