May 15, 2012

30x30: May Update

The 30x30, a progress report.
  • Health and Fitness
    • get acupuncture-I would love to get this done, but I'm only going to someone with a referral. Anyone know a good acupuncturist in the Fort Wayne area? 
    • lose 25 pounds-6 pounds to go! 
    • run a 5K-scheduled for July 1, the Color Run in KC
    • run a 10K
    • run the Indy-mini
    • complete a fast-I'm contemplating 2 weeks of completely raw/vegan/clean eating. Any better suggestions? I'm also hoping this can get me my last 6 pounds. Double duty. 
  • Financial
    • invest money into a stock
    • put $3000 in savings and keep it there for 6 months or longer [just noticed the typo in the original document, awesome.]-Now that I know how much money I'm actually making, I'd be happy with $1000 in savings...
    • purchase a car, make payments rounded up to the nearest 100 for 12 months-Car purchased Aug 2011, I have been paying rounded-up payments for 7 months, but it's only $8 extra a month. It feels like I'm cheating on this one. (-: 
  • Academic
    • apply and get accepted and attend a master's program-I applied, I interviewed, I was rejected. I'm ok with it though...I'll update you on life-goals soon. Promise. 
    • learn more about the bible-I'm looking for a good devotional/study that I can do daily. Suggestions? 
    • take a healing touch class
  • Creative
    • get paid to take pictures-I've been paid to take senior pics AND I have my first wedding scheduled in September. Scared and excited! 
    • submit something to be published
    • write 3 chapters for a book
    • sell 10 items on Etsy-I have 3 items done. I haven't felt like sewing/crapfting lately. This will motivate me! 
  • Service
    • become a big sister-I don't know if I can do this...I'll probably only be in Fort Wayne for one more year, is it fair to develop a relationship for a short time?
    • get certified with children's disaster service
    • purchase a heifer from Heifer, International-I'm about 33% there. 
  • Challenges
    • flirt-I have moments...
    • say "yes" to dates-Yup. Awkward? Yup. I'd go on more though. This is the thing: they were "set-ups," so my challenge is to attempt to not seduce someone with my awkwardness [since that doesn't really work] and have them think I'm normal enough to ask on a date on their own. (-:
    • go 4-months without purchasing a clothing item
    • go a month without a cell phone-OK, the debate here is that I'm basically unreachable without my cell phone. SOOOOO, I'm thinking a month of only phone calls. No texting. No smartphone features [Instagram?!?!]. Nothing except the basic, minimal ring-a-ding phone calls. Does that make people feel better? 
  • Travel
    • travel alone
    • go to Canada-Will people flip if I travel to Canada alone? It's just across the border...
    • go to Mexico
  • FUN!
    • grow hair out and donate it-My hair is a little past my shoulders. I've had it trimmed, but it's getting there! 
    • wear make-up daily for a month-I've actually pretty much worn make-up every day [a minimum of mascara] since September. 
    • be in a community musical-Why are you doing Dreamgirls, Fort Wayne Civic theatre?!?! This white-girl needs a show! Cinderella auditions next spring....
    • find a cakewreck, submit it and have it show up on their website-Constantly searching, I think I may have found an acceptable spermy/phallic cake.  
I'm in-progress for a lot of items, but when I created my list I hadn't really considered how much money I would be making or how much I'd be working. I'm actually extending my deadline to November 14, 2013. So before I turn 31, I will accomplish most of my list! 

The financial ones and ones requiring finances [traveling] feel the most unattainable to me. Money blows. I need to have better boundaries with myself about my budget. 

So, what do you think? I'm open to suggestions and assistance to complete my list from anyone. Bring it on! 


  1. Vegan/Raw: My parents are vegan, and have been for 3 years. check for recipes. also, I can get you in contact with her if you need more info.

    I want to run a 5k/10k! it's a goal for me by 30, too, I think! (granted, I started running last wednesday, so I have a while)

    devotional/study... I just started reading a series by James Bryan Smith "The Good and Beautiful God" (also, life, and community in the series.)
    and "the disciple's journal" was good for me to use. it's by doug morrell and published by narrow road publishing.

    I think you would be fine traveling to canada alone, good luck and safari njema.

    I just got a smartphone, so I'm kinda still in geek mode over it...

    I would love to do a healing touch class, also. I think the concept is really nifty. (I'm saying this because one of the pastors I know had gone through the training for one.)

    1. Kathy,
      1. They're added to my RSS! Thanks!
      2. I'm so glad you're able to run again! Hallelujah for healing!
      3. I've had several recommended to me, I'll have to see if I can find them all and compare. I need face to face comparison, but I think out of all the recommendations I'll find one!
      4. Thanks!
      5. I'm addicted to my iphone. cannotstopinstagraming.
      6. I remember you talking about it with me, I totally think you should do it!

      Thanks for all your advice! I appreciate it!

      miss you,