December 16, 2011

My Cat has Issues

Issues with a capital "I".
His main issue? I would like to diagnose Hank with separation anxiety. He checks on me in the shower to make sure I'm still around. Multiple times.


Issue number two? He is a clean freak. The smell of food sends him into a tailspin. He cleans and cleans and cleans and cleans and cleans and cleans and cleans around his food dish. He'll either scoot it all around the floor or he'll find a piece of paper or random clothing around and cover his food dish with it. In the past week he's woken me up with this bizarre behavior.

Issue number three? ATTENTION WHORE.

I am not now, nor will I ever be a crazy cat lady. I just happen to live in a teeny-tiny apartment with a quirky cat and if you want me to blog, Hank will be included. Frequently. If he were a dog it wouldn't be weird. If I weren't single you'd never utter the words "crazy cat lady" at me. So leave me alone. 


  1. I don't hink you are crazy, I have two cats & I love then very much. My baby, Gretal comes in one door & eats. She then goes to the other door & cries to go out. Some days that can go on all day & she drives me up the wall. She is a very spoilt cat but who is to blame "ME". We are going to Phuket soon & I'm upset about leaving them.