December 6, 2011

Are you judging me?

I'm totally wearing a dress, tights and these:
Yeah, FUGGS.

Fake Uggs.

I'm judging me for dressing like a high schooler, but my judgement comes with warm feet. Warm feet, warm heart.

Or something like that.

I will guarantee you that I will never wear my Fuggs with any kind of denim shorty-short. Hand-on-heart, I promise.
Source: via amy on Pinterest

I've got to figure out how to stay warm...and it's not even really COLD yet. Meep.

ps: I wore this outfit while I made this. It's yummy, I promise. (-:


  1. I am judging you. But I'm always judging you. So this shouldn't surprise you.

  2. Also, after I'm done writing my seminar paper for my grad course, I'm thinking about starting a blog about the best players on the 1995 SNES game Tecmo Super Bowl III. So then you can start judging me.

  3. @Josh: Thank you for judging me. We're in the same boat. Also, I have no idea what "SNES" means and for that, I'm judging you. Also, did you quit reading while you crap? Also, I miss you.

  4. I would rather see the jean skirt and the FUGGS over the shirt barely covering the booty with the FUGGS and leggins.

  5. SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Pronounced by the most elite as "shness." Now you can judge me! But that picture pretty much says it all. And I wore leggins with my scrunchy leather boots and a khaki corduroy skirt to work today, so my judgement is mostly directed toward your FUGGS.

  6. @Anon: They're both fashion faux pas...LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS [especially if they come in pantyhose packaging and the rest of the world can see your undies] and IT IS EITHER COLD ENOUGH FOR FUGGS OR WARM ENOUGH FOR SHORTS/DENIM-MINI IT CAN'T BE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Yes, the caps mean I might be yelling or just stating these facts aggressively. (-:

    @Rach: I judge, you judge, we all judge. Just not on the important yourself first and foremost. <3