December 2, 2011

Earring Display

...also known as my solution to I-don't-have-a-dresser-and-the-ziplock-bag-holding-my-earrings-really-isn't-doing-the-job-well-so-I-just-wear-the-same-earrings-every-day.
We know I'm cheap, right? This was a less than $5 project for me. If I had more ambition to scour thrift stores [or I still had the totally awesome Durham's Scrap Exchange in my backyard] I could bring the cost down more!

But I didn't.

Here are your supplies...a hot glue gun, embroidery floss and a picture frame.
My frame was on clearance for being busted at Michaels. Holla! I only need the frame and not the glass, so it worked for this girl!
I tied my knot on the backside of the frame and started all kinds of directions, weaving the floss from front to back. When I changed colors I always made sure my knots were on the back side.
DSC_0026.jpg DSC_0026.jpg
PULL TIGHT! Embroidery floss will have some stretch and earrings can be heavy so the tighter you pull the better it will hold those earrings!

Once you've gotten all your colors and thread in place, run a bead of hot glue over the knots and thread on the backside to hold it all in place. This is jut some added security. I like added security.
And that is the easiest [cutest if I do say so myself--and I do!] earring display project you can do!
Love it!


  1. This is FANTASTIC! I may do it!

  2. Adorable!! You so crafty....
    A. Suze

  3. @bekah: I'd love to see it!

    @A. Suze: why thank you...craftiness from cheapness! yay! haha