October 4, 2011

I am ridiculous

Some of you may not debate this. I certainly don't.

These are five of the more recent reasons why I am utterly ridiculous:
1. These pictures are pictures from my camera. They're mostly of Hank. He does this new thing where he climbs up in my lap [he is NOT a lap cat at all] and kneads my belly [it's painful] then he sniffs my face and finally lays down. He's large enough that his face ends up about 3 inches from mine. 
2. I got really teary last night...at a JIF commercial. Hormones, what? 

3. This is the best chai in the entire universe and I will tell anyone who mentions liking chai about it. It's a Big Train Chai with pumpkin added. I love it as much as I love coffee. 
4. These were in the $1 section at Target and I felt the need to take a picture of them. 
5. I took this picture while on the toilet. 
[I kinda want to print it and stick it in a frame.]

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