February 16, 2011


Dear Glee [and iTunes?]:

I want to punch you [peacefully] in the face.

Why no albums? Why are you selling every song individually?

Reasons this annoys me:

  • When synced to my iPod and playing in my iTunes each album is separate, so it's not like I can select an album to listen to.
  • This is a pain in the butt, also known as, I don't want to select each song, I want you to give my my album of songs from every 3-4 episodes and put them together and let me pay my $12.99.
  • I think you're trying to get more money out of me. 
  • Jerks.
Glee, Fox, iTunes--get your act together and do what I want! After all, we all know that I'm right. 


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