February 6, 2011


You can pronounce that "doooooooooooooooooooo-K" if you'd like.

Megan frequently goes to Duke basketball games. She's a grad student, it's why she's at Duke. I mean, right? She's not getting her M.Div for professional reasons, it's all for the basketball.
Megan & Laura
Or not.
[For reals, she's there for the academics, yo. The basketball is just a bonus.]

So, I wanted to experience a D1, real-live-in-Cameron Stadium basketball game. Of the women's variety since I don't really like large crowds and I enjoy women's basketball.
On our walk over we saw K-ville, yes, they really call it that.
These are the undergrad tents, they've been camping since, oh, Jan. 2nd. Why? For tickets/seats at the Duke vs. UNC game next week. Can you say fanatical?
I won a hat!
I won this hat and got a t-shirt. That's as much of a Duke fan as I'm probably ever going to be. Sorry, Blue Devils.
During the first half of the game, Megan kept making these squeaky sounds accompanied by this face. Why?
Because of these:
bball boys
Apparently they're basketball players from the men's team. And they're babies: gigantic, gorgeous, talented, athletic teenagers. OK, they might be 21. Still babies.
[photo cred: Paige]

Except they make the girls go crazy. I can't imagine going to college and having people ask for my autograph and to have their picture taken with me. This is why I am sitting at my computer typing this nonsense and they are on a court dribbling and shooting a basketball, because I am not destined to be famous.

Nor am I destined to be a Blue Devil, but the Blue Devil was lovin' the Div School!
blue devil
blue devil

I had a great time at the game! Thanks to the Duke Divinity School for hosting a fun "divinely angelic" event!
[photo cred: GoDuke.com]

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