February 20, 2011


I thought you would like to know how life with a budget is going.

Well, it's going!

Actually, it's kinda nice. I really like it. No, really I like it. I like visually seeing how much moolah I'm going to be spending for the week. I like knowing that I didn't have coffee the other day, so if I want to give my BFFL [Barista Friend For Life] a whole dollar tip I can. I can also look at it and say, "Amy go home and make spaghetti, you ran out of money two days ago." And I do. I've been pretty stingy with the debit card for spending outside of the budget. Well, I did get it out at Target last week to purchase some unmentionables, but they were on sale! I needed them! A girl's got to have new undies sometimes! 

We're not debating underwear here though. The thing is back in December/January I took three weeks off of work. As an hourly employee those three weeks equals NO PAYCHECKS. Which means that I was behind which means that I had to catch up and the last paycheck I got was my first "I don't have any major bills to pay from this paycheck" paycheck. Yay! 


I'm not über-rigid about my budget. I could be, but I'm not. I don't need it to stress me out. As long as I'm  saving some, getting my bills paid, and staying within my means, it's a big gold star in my book!

Being financially responsible is hard work.

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