February 25, 2017

front porch

It's been in the high 60s here and I AM SO EXCITED TO PUT TOGETHER MY FRONT PORCH! EEEEEEeeeeeeee!
front house
I made this fab illustration showing my excitement. Please try to contain your awe at my skills.

Then this morning snow fell from the sky and the temperature dropped about 40 degrees. So...I'm making a mood board [it's my first!] and dreaming of reading on my porch.
front porch
1. My exterior house colors are the green and cream and then a terra cotta color on the windows that's pretty hard to see in pictures. I definitely wanted to incorporate more of that color in the porch, so I started with a rug. I picked up a 4x6 indoor/outdoor rug from overstock. EXACT

2. I got my outdoor furniture when someone was getting rid of their old stuff...so mine isn't in great shape, but I have this entire Martha Steward set from Home Depot [it comes with one more side chair, but I think I only want one on my front porch]. 
Did I mention I got it for FREE? WOO WOO! EXACT

3. This wicker chair isn't available anymore, but it's from one of the Target displays they do 4-6 times a year. I picked it up for half off knowing I'd want to put it on my front porch. SIMILAR

4. I grabbed a set of 8 napkins when I was at The Pioneer Woman Mercantile to make into pillows. It worked perfectly! My pillows are so cute and they're floral. *swoon* I don't know if they're discontinuing the napkins, but I've seen them in store and you can't get them online. They're super affordable at $8-10 for 8 cloth napkins. 

5. Are paper lanterns still cool? Am I trying to make 2007 happen again? I don't care. I enjoy them and in my cozy space that's all that matters, right? I've got three from IKEA that will hang from the ceiling. EXACT OVAL EXACT ELLIPSE

6. STAR LIGHTS?! This is another project I'm working on from some clearance Fourth of July decorations I picked up. We shall see if it works out! SIMILAR

7. Lanterns are part of the coffee table decor [and maybe side table if I get one or two]. I have three that have been in storage for years that are finally making their debut! Getting out all the things I've been collecting is so much fun! It makes all my bargain shopping worth it! [At least that's what I'm telling myself to justify all the things.] SIMILAR SIMILAR

8. In my IKEA run last week, I grabbed these lacy tea light holders. I love how feminine and delicate they are. I'm sure they'll be hanging out on my mantle sometimes too. EXACT

Now, there aren't any plants in this mood board, but I'm hoping it's like a jungle out there. GOALS. 

Want to come over for a cup of coffee? 



  1. We have paper lanterns in our "library" room. I'm a fan.

    1. YAY! I love that they add dimension, but they're not heavy to the eye. Visual interest? That sounds like the words to describe what I mean. (-: