February 28, 2017


Let me preface this post by saying, I know NOTHING about refinishing floors.

OK. It's more than nothing: I know it's a lot of work. It's all in the sanding and dusting. It takes patience to get the most beautiful, smooth finish.

So, I left it to the professionals. A coworker recommended Dusty and he came over and worked his floor magic. And by "magic" I mean hard work.

My floors weren't in terrible shape except around the fireplace where there had been some water damage. In that area they were kind of warped and wonky. The poly/stain/lacquer that had been put on the floors had lots of orangey-yellow undertones. When Dusty and I first talked he asked what color stain I wanted and I really didn't want any stain. He was definitely not trying to up-sell me and was totally on board with my simple floors. My goals were clean and bright. I wasn't sure what kind of wood I had, but the house was built in 1920. She's going to show some of her age.

Side note: oak in the living room/dining room and pine in the hallway/bedrooms, which is why it looks different even though everything was done the same way. 

I don't have a lot of good pictures because I made videos to send to my family [this is what you do when you're a single person making grand life changes and your family lives hundreds of miles away, but still want to know things]. My videography skills are TERRIBLE. I'm not exaggerating. I always think I'll be artsy and it will be silent and then I snort or can't control my constant chatter and they go on and they're long and no one not related to me wants to see that. TRUST ME.

sanded - one coat of poly on oak - one coat of poly on pine
This was a tiny moment of panic for me...ARE MY FLOORS GOING TO BE TOO LIGHT? WILL THEY BE SHINY? WILL THEY BE BEAUTIFUL? And what do I do if they're not?!? [besides cry of course] I just spent all my savings on the down payment for this house and the rest of it on this version of the floors.

You should feel these babies. They're smooth and luxurious and divine. It took about 2 days for the floors to get finished and then patience for them to cure for another 3 days.
My closet is my favorite before/after. I'm pretty sure this remodeled at some point because it seems like there used to be a wall running through the middle, right? When I bought the house it had carpet, so I pulled it all up and discovered this hot mess, but look at how good it looks now!

If you're in the Indianapolis area, I totally, 100% recommend contacting Dusty if you need to get your floors done.

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  1. Wow! Floor looks amazing…..the before and after photos were definitely the best! I haven’t lived with any floor surfaces yet that I have had the power to remodel. If I did have the chance to pick my own flooring, it’s probably not a task that I would do myself. Cooking and cleaning are enough for me for right now.