September 14, 2015

week one down [many weeks to go]

So, I’m one week into my first grown-ass nursing job.

I’m happy to report that I haven’t killed anyone yet. It’s my daily prayer, and I feel like God is totally with me on this one. [You think I’m joking, but I’m not.]

I have two preceptors for day shift. [I’ll have a night shift preceptor too, but that’s not for a few more weeks.] Preceptors are experienced, partner nurses who teach you things and help make sure you don’t kill anyone. They are beautiful, smart, patient, delightful people. I grovel at their feet and revel in their wisdom. They make sure you learn things you may not know.

The things I don’t know are plentiful.

I mean, I pretty much feel like I learned NOTHING in nursing school. It’s definitely painful to the ego. I spent quite a few hours in this exact same Emergency Department, but I’m pretty sure something in my brain has been cleaned out between then and now. That’s the only logical reason, right? It’s not because I’m spending 95% of my time comparing myself to nurses with years and years of experience and I have, oh, a few weeks of experience, right?

It IS probably because I spent most of school saying, “I’m going to be a midwife, that doesn’t matter to me! I’ll know a little and that will be enough!”

Well, that joke is on me.

I’m still reading my textbooks.

Now it's [past] time to get down to business.

That’s my quick update on life. I’m only working three days a week and I still feel like I have no time. I’ll get used to it eventually, right? My poor brain is having a rough go.