August 30, 2015

fancy dinner

I'm a fan of extravagant meals. If you know me, you also know I'm cheap thrifty [and maybe a little poor from the student life I've been in for the past 3-ish years], but I will still spend more on dinner than I will a pair of jeans I wear four times a week. Priorities.

MegB convinced me to splurge on a trip to Washington, D.C. the week before I started my grown-ass nursing job. It didn't take much convincing because I love people in D.C. My complete list of things I wanted to do while I was there: 1. Go to Shake Shack, 2. Go to Spa World.

Megan's one request: Go to Rose's Luxury.

I wasn't 100% convinced that we needed to eat at this fancy-schmancy restaurant where President Obama had his birthday dinner, but I was willing to force myself to eat there. It was quite a sacrifice. I also read this Bon Appétit article, and fell in love a little with the concept of restaurant happiness.

And, y'all, you can feel it. It's for real.

The people who work here here appear to be happy, and the guests are happy, and the place is happy. Shooooo, that's a lot of happiness.
The pasta above was one of my top two favorite courses. Yes, we ordered one of errrr-thang. 
Let's talk about dessert because, well, it's kind of my favorite course. I mean, 95% of the time I don't actually need any other courses. Apparently I am a child.
We ordered two of the fancy desserts. We started with an eggplant tart puff pastry. I wish I actually knew the name, but I do know the fabulousness of it. OHMYLANTA. The whole eggplant-in-your-dessert thing may sound a little weird, but I assure you: IT IS NOT. It is amazing and if you argue with me I will cut you. [Then I'll nurse you back to health because we all know my threats are empty and filled with love.]

The other course we had was a corn crème brûlée topped with blueberries. I CAN'T EVEN. GAH. It tasted like sweet, creamy corn milky-ness with a crunchy, sugary top. Then when you eat it the blueberries burst in your mouth. I CAN'T EVEN. Did I say that already?

I'm inspired to add more vegetables [is corn still considered a vegetable? I think it is?] to my desserts.

Our server was Patrick. He was fantastic. Plus he brought us a third [we needed THREE desserts? YASSSSS!] dessert of birthday cake ice cream with candles. Loved it.
So...would I go back? Would I wait in a line 45 people deep on a Thursday at 4:30 pm waiting for 5:00 pm to roll around just so we try to get a table? [For the record, I was about number 32ish.] Would I spend money on every small plate on the menu again? [Probably not, but I'd get every vegetarian one. *heart eye emoji*] Would I eat raw onions in the best soy-sage habenero peanuts and lychee salad even when I hate raw onions?


Why would I do it?

Because everything was, well, awesome.

Even the bathrooms.

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