January 22, 2014


Once upon a time I spent all my time telling people I was going to be a "baby nurse." Approximately 25 years later [after resolutely ignoring of all the hints and shoves in that direction], I finally came to the realization that I love babies and mamas and rubbing bellies and birth and the entire process.

Anyway, once I was open with myself about wanting to be a midwife then I began talking about it. You know what? NO ONE HAS BEEN SURPRISED. Every friend, friendquaintance, family member, and random stranger on the street that I've told has been all, "Oh. Yeah. That is so you." 

That feels rad.

Since I love all things mommy and baby and family my sweet friends have been all, GET YOUR DEGREE AND BIRTH MY BABY. It could be weird, but it's not like I haven't been talking about vaginas for years and I'm totally cool with being all up in everyone's business. In the meantime, I'm honored to be present and welcomed into the process.

Enough about me though, my friends Jessica and Jake are one of my favorite couples from college. They're one of those PB&J couples [I say that like it's an actual thing that people say, and I've never heard anyone say it]. They have lots of differences, but they balance each other, they get each other, they stretch each other, they just go together. Basically a peer couple example of what I want in the future for myself. I love them. 
This moment above with her mom seriously warms my heart.  

Awhile ago when Jessica invited me to be at their birth, I was all, "YESSSSSSS!!!" I'd like to pretend that I'm cooler than that and shared meaningful, grateful words, but...I'm not. 

I did give her three rules:
1. You get to change your mind.
2. I get to take pictures. [she was like, "Duh. Here's my pinterest board."]
3. You can totally kick me out at any point and change your mind without any hard feelings. 
Above is Dr. Voss and not to sound too woo-woo, but he had the best energy ever. He walked into the room [the hospital was SLAMMED with births] and was incredibly calm and peaceful. He spent his time encouraging Jessica and honoring the process without anything feeling rushed or dramatic. He also pointed everything out to me as it was happening [which didn't hurt the love I was feeling for him]. 
GAH. How happy does new life make you? I can barely contain myself.


  1. I LOVE the pictures ... and I actually think you would be the best midwife EVER!!! Love bunches, Molly

  2. This was a fabulous blog entry and the photos are stunning and I think they capture the moments perfectly....I am a little teary!! I know we don't know each other well...but I definitely see how this is something you should be doing!!!

    1. oops not so anonymous since we are fb friends. Chelsea Armbrister ;)

    2. thank you so much, Chelsea! (-:

  3. Love... Thank you for your support and all the pics... Id love to hear what Voss pointed out for you and anything you learned. <3

    1. Jess - I was SO HAPPY to be there [I'm just gonna keep saying it over and over and over and over and over...]!

      Dr. Voss pointed out how the baby was dropping and the progress he was making through the vaginal canal, he showed me how he was stretching the vaginal opening/perineal area [not with so many words, but he kept saying "see that there?"]. I think I definitely had more prejudice against the epidural until this experience, but being able to see how it worked for you definitely made my "you have to do the birth plan that fits your life" motto more honest, if that makes any sense. I was shocked at how short the pushing time was! I know I didn't take pics the whole time but from the first pic I have where your legs are in the stirrups to when Baby Bear was born, it was 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! I really, really appreciated the nurse/physician team you ended up with on Monday during the birth, I thought they were definitely stellar examples of how to control the experience from a medical standpoint without inducing any nervousness or anxiety or rushed feelings. what did you think about that?

      also, Jake was so great during the birth. he was focused on you 100% and once everything started I knew he would be awesome. (-: I love how a really great marriage and relationship is on display when one of the partners is having an experience the other can only empathize with. he was totally that person who climbed right in with you and was there in the ways that only he could fulfill.