January 19, 2014

2014 - I don't do resolutions

You may or may not be surprised by this, but resolutions aren't my thing.

My thing is a word or phrase to think about and bring into multiple aspects of my life. I'll tell you about some of the times my life brushes up against my phrase.

Do you want to know what my phrase is?
BOOM. I quite enjoy how I was able to incorporate my favorite profanity into this.

The only thing is you need to say it: Get-cho shit together.

Things I'm thinking about with this:
1. Food/diet
2. Exercise
[I'm such a sterotypical "I don't make resolutions" BSer.]
3. Men
4. Work
5. Homework/School
6. Creative Things

So, I have a post planned with each of these [at least as of right now, but we all know things can change - especially my mind] and I'll give you more information about the HOWs and the WHYs and my thoughts and where I don't currently have it together and the parts that I'm clueless about.

Let's delve.

Oh, and I couldn't decide which picture I wanted so I did two:
Two selfies and new glasses!

Selfies taken by me, which is what makes it a "selfie" on my iPhone. Words added in the Rhonna Designs App


  1. Love it...I take a similar route in terms of resolutions, you just put it more eloquently.I must go now so I too can "get my shit together!"

    1. haha--good luck, Hillary! in my tiny mind, resolutions are made to be broken/failed eventually, but getting my shit together is a life-long process. I can (and will!) screw up, but I can also come around and get it back together. basically, this is my way of preventing overwhelming self-inflicted feelings of failure. (-:

  2. I am such a long-time lurker of your blog, but was thinking about it this morning (while on a long walk, part of a get-yo-shit-together not-resolution) and thought I'd say HI. I LIKE YOUR BLOG A LOT. :)

    1. Dana - HI! thank you, I'm so honored to have been among your thoughts during a walk! (-: