November 23, 2013

successful procrastination

I have one assignment due by midnight tonight before I can officially be on Thanksgiving break. Have I been working on it?

Why not?
  • Because I got caught up in the Sister Act marathon on VH1.
  • Because Facebook. 
  • Because Instagram.
  • Because cookie brittle
  • Because old blog posts. [it's like reading a journal without my bad handwriting, ha!]
  • Because I thought I should move things around on my blog. 
  • Because blogging. 
  • Because Martha Stewart Living Christmas issue. 
  • patient had a confusing diagnosis and I can't find information in my text and it's...hard
If I sat down at 2pm to begin working on this and I've barely started what does that say about me?
Now that it's crunch time I guess I could be productive.


What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'm going to Kansas. It's been 18-weeks since I last saw the Nephew and Niece. That's entirely too long.



  1. Procrastination = blogging.
    This makes me happy.
    Now get to work!